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Annual MLB.TV Fail

by Russell Dyas

Last night was the main opening day for most of the MLB clubs sadly for UK viewers MLB.TV had its annual opening day fail.  People subscribed to the service where getting Black out restriction messages no matter where their location.

The question is why do we seem to have this annual fail every year?

Customers will not see any refund from the opening day bug if history is anything to go by.  As UK viewers who do not have access to MLB on TV unless you have ESPN America. This means that the MLB.TV service is critical for viewers to see MLB live action but also if you want to see a game at a reasonable time then the MLB.TV service is also necessary.

At time of going to press, the MLB Advanced Media were unavailable for comment and the blackout bug was still affecting the archived games.

Let us hope it is fixed for tonight?

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peter April 8, 2010 - 2:11 am

it happened when spring training started. its happeed again tonight watching the florida mets game


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