BGB Fantasy League 2020: Week 8

We started with 10 teams aiming for glory. Now only two have the chance to claim the BaseballGB Fantasy League crown. Read on to find out which sides made it through to the championship final.

Championship bracket

Bunting for Britain89/3263217485.273.83467.1527742.671.148
Cheshunt Maltsters78/3373313443.231.72267.1566512.671.162

Third beat second in the first of the championship semi-finals.

  • Salvador the saviour: Perez (Bunting) HR, 3 RBI, SB, .500 AVG, 1.624 OPS
  • MVP?: Abreu (Bunting) 3 HR, 5 RBI, .462 AVG, 1.402 OPS
  • Need for speed: S Marte (Bunting) 3 SB
  • Safe at home: Gurriel Jr (Maltsters) 7 R
  • Disco inferno: Burnes (Bunting) 19 K
  • Wins still matter: P Lopez (Bunting) 2 W, 13 K, 0.73 WHIP
  • Pressed into action: Pressly (Maltsters) 3 SV
Mighty Slugs72/3334217374.216*.70377.2608923.131.245
Norwich No II76/3524314630.216*.68168.1728232.630.977

The Slugs topped the standings in the regular season but the fourth seed advance to the final after a well-contested matchup.

  • RBI machine: Anderson (Norwich) 4 R, 10 RBI; C Frazier (Norwich) 8 R, 7 RBI; Hiura (Norwich) 4 R, 7 RBI
  • Homer happy: Springer (Slugs) 4 HR, SB, .333 AVG, 1.193 OPS; Machado (Slugs) 3 HR, SB, 320 AVG, 1.026 OPS; Harper (Slugs) 3 HR
  • Feeling stingy: Hendricks and Paddack (both Norwich) W, 0.00 ERA, 0.50 WHIP; Lamet (Norwich) W, 1.38 ERA, 0.69 WHIP; Carrasco (Norwich) W2.08 ERA, 1.00 WHIP; Cole (Norwich) W, 1.29 ERA, 0.71 WHIP
  • By way of the K: Luzardo (Slugs) 14 K
  • What we have, we hold: Duffey (Norwich) 2 HLD.

Consolation bracket

Didsbury Dodgers65/273418297.238.68628.0012324.501.184
Richie’s RBI’s70/3284212386.213.66058.2636714.450.948

The RBIs advance to the consolation final as the pitching staff got the job done against the Dodgers.

  • Bronx bombers: LeMahieu (RBIs) 9 R, 4 HR, 10 RBI; Sanchez (RBIs) 6 R, 3 HR, 9 RBI
  • Above average: Bogaerts (Dodgers) 2SB, .364 AVG; Betts (Dodgers) 3 SB, .321 AVG; Myers (Dodgers) SB, .318 AVG, 1.082 OPS
  • Hitting all the right notes: Singer (RBIs) W, 8 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.50 WHIP
  • Vintage: Kershaw (RBIs) W, 15 K, 2.70 ERA, 0.68 WHIP
  • Closing time: Barnes (RBIs) 2 SV
  • Firm grip: Bradley (Dodgers) 2 HLD
Orpington Eagles79/3364213474.235.74469.0517323.391.257
Beckenham A&E Dept61/2573418465.237.82050.1217205.721.354

A good week for the Eagles’ pitchers helped them book a place in the consolation final.

  • Cool hand Luke: Voit (A&E Dept) 5 HR, .385 AVG, 1.429 OPS
  • Pop in his bat: Buxton (A&E Dept) 4 HR, .375 AVG, 1.317 OPS
  • Speedy catcher: Vazquez (A&E Dept) 2 SB, 3.13 AVG
  • Safe at home: Soto (Eagles) 6 R
  • In the clutch: Rendon, Lindor and Gregorius (all Eagles) 6 RBI each
  • Feeling stingy: Castillo (Eagles) W, 10K, 0.00 ERA, 0.57 WHIP; Bassitt (Eagles) W, 0.00 ERA, 0..90 WHIP; Berrios (Eagles) W, 6 K, 0.82 ERA, 1.09 WHIP
  • Strikeout machine: Minor (Eagles) W, 16 K
  • Hold this: Diekman (Eagles) 2 HLD.

Week 9 Matchups In progress

Championship Bracket

Consolation Bracket

BGB Fantasy League 2020: Week 7

After seven weeks, the BaseballGB Fantasy League’s regular season is over. Read on to find out which teams will be competing for the title in the playoffs and which teams are battling for the consolation prize.

Richie’s RBI’s95/33060134615.288.84469.2767623.360.9312
The Cheddar Chasers59/2404511436.246.74544.1424603.651.220

The RBIs did all they could to secure a place in the top four but had to settle for 5th.

  • Power and speed: Mondesi (RBIs) 8 R, 3 HR, 7 RBI, 5 SB
  • Safe at home: LeMahieu (RBIs) 8 R, 2 HR, 2 RBI, SB
  • Mighty Met: McNeil (RBIs) 5 R, 3 HR, 9 RBI, .476 AVG, 1.512 OPS
  • Unbeatable: Lynn (RBIs) 2 W, 16 K, 1.29 ERA, 0.79 WHIP
  • Pitching royalty: Singer (RBIs) W, 8 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.38 WHIP
  • Closing time: Barnes (RBIs) 2 SV
Bunting for Britain74/2994111476.247.72779.1418615.671.252
Mighty Slugs94/3786416544.249.77564.2436743.201.079

The Slugs finish top of the regular season standings  while Bunting are in the hunt for the title after finishing third.

  • Matt’s the way to do it: Olson (Slugs) 5 R, 3 HR, 12 RBI
  • Coming home: Dozier (Slugs) 8 R, HR, 2 RBI.400 club: Candelario (Slugs) 4 R, 2 HR, 5 RBI, .438 AVG, 1.464 OPS; Machado (Slugs) 5 R, HR, 4 RBI, .421 AVG, 1.184 OPS
  • Need for speed: Bellinger and Tatis Jr (both Bunting) 2 SB each
  • By way of the K: McKenzie (Bunting) 14 K
  • Saving the day: Holland (Slugs) 3 SV
  • What we have, we hold: Pomeranz (Slugs) 2 HLD
  • Feeling stingy: Garcia (Slugs) 2.57 ERA, 0.71 WHIP
Orpington Eagles74/3115311475.238.73256.0436333.051.133
Norwich No II95/3405210507.279.79575.1557521.790.859

Norwich take the final place in the championship bracket with this victory.

  • Red hot: Devers (Norwich) 7 RBI, .520 AVG, 1.480 OPS; Smith (Norwich) 7 RBI, .364 AVG, .982 OPS
  • Running wild: T Turner (Norwich) 4 SB
  • Safe at the plate: Conforto (Eagles) 9 R, 2 HR; Gregorius (Isotopes) 7 R, 2 HR
  • What a rotation: Sanchez (Norwich) 2 W, 10 K, 0.69 ERA, 0.77 WHIP; Anderson (Norwich) W, 13 K, 0.90 ERA, 1.00 WHIP; Cole (Norwich) W, 9 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.43 WHIP, Hendricks (Norwich) W, 11 K, 1.72 ERA, 0.83 WHIP; Lamet (Norwich) 11 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.78 WHIP
  • Save me: Colome and Hudson (both Norwich) 2 SV each
  • Safe pair of hands: Diekman (Eagles) 3 HLD
Beckenham A&E Dept81/2835220517.286.88451.0606403.351.029
Newcastle Knights71/3334811432.213.66842.0334423.211.193

The A&E Dept finish in sixth and will take part in the consolation playoffs.

  • Cool hand Luke: Voit (A&E Dept) 8 R, 3 HR, 9 RBI
  • Plenty of pop: Buxton (A&E Dept) 3 R, 3 HR, 5 RBI; Murphy (A&E Dept) 6 R, 2 HR, 6 RBI, .429 AVG, 1.457 OPS
  • Ding dong: Bell (A&E Dept) 3 R, 2 HR, 3 RBI, .474 AVG, 1.342 OPS
  • Swiping bags: Story (A&E Dept) 3 R, HR, 4 RBI, 3 SB, .360 AVG, 1.065 OPS
  • No runs allowed: Snell and Bauer (both Knights) 0.00 ERA
  • Protecting leads: Chapman (Knights) SV
  • Wins still matter: Nola (A&E Dept) W, 10 K, 0.43 WHIP
  • Hold this: Williams (Knights) HLD
Cheshunt Maltsters86/3264715555.264.78968.0266005.161.358
Didsbury Dodgers57/2463010383.232.70453.0305403.741.133

The Maltsters finish second in the standings while the Dodgers must make do with the consolation playoffs.

  • Freddie’s ready: Freeman (Maltsters) 7 R, 3 HR, 13 RBI, SB, .464 AVG, 1.500 OPS
  • So’s Marcell: Ozuna (Maltsters) 7 RBI, .313 AVG
  • Boomstick baby: Cruz (Maltsters) 3 HR, .353 AVG, 1.332 OPS; Aguilar (Maltsters) .714 AVG, 2.179 OPS
  • Woodruff (Dodgers) 0.00 ERA, 0.14 WHIP
  • Wins still matter: Ray (Dodgers) W, 1.80 ERA
  • Strikeout machines: Greinke and Plesac (both Maltsters) 9 K each
  • Lockdown closers: Hendriks and Pressly (both Malsters) 2 SV each.

Final Standings

RankTeamW-L-TPctGBLast WeekWaiverMoves
*1 Mighty Slugs48-27-9.6259-2-1132
*2 Cheshunt Maltsters49-29-6.6190.58-3-1420
*3 Bunting for Britain48-32-4.5952.52-9-1828
*4 Norwich No II45-31-8.5833.59-3-01028
5 Richie’s RBI’s43-37-4.5367.512-0-0917
6 Beckenham A&E Dept40-38-6.5129.59-3-02
7 Orpington Eagles36-40-8.47612.53-9-0317
8 Didsbury Dodgers29-49-6.38120.53-8-175
9 The Cheddar Chasers28-51-5.363220-12-06
10 Newcastle Knights24-56-4.31026.53-9-0515

Which means the first round of the playoffs looks like this:

Championship Bracket

Consolation Bracket

BGB Fantasy League 2020: Week 6

Time is running out to book a place in the BaseballGB Fantasy League, as there is just one week of the regular season left.

Here’s how the events of the past week in MLB shaped the standings.

Cheshunt Maltsters110/3506022622.314.96651.1335842.631.0311
The Cheddar Chasers80/3004820426.267.87140.2224303.981.281
  • MVP: Ozuna (Maltsters) 8 R, 5 HR, 13 RBI, .464 AVG, 1.674 OPS
  • Grand slams: Freeman (Maltsters) 7 R, 2 HR, 9 RBI, .346 AVG, 1.084 OPS
  • Three-homer weeks: Trout (Maltsters) 9 R, 3 HR, 6 RBI, .400 AVG, 1.538 OPS; Sano (Maltsters) 3 HR
  • He’s going: Choo (Chasers) 2 SB
  • No non-no but still pretty good: Giolito (Maltsters) W, 17 K, 0.91 WHIP
  • Look who’s back: Plesac (Maltsters) W, 6 K, 1.50 ERA, 0.67 WHIP
  • Double duty: Watson and Castillo (both Maltsters) 1 SV and 1 HLD each
Bunting for Britain79/3164213502.250.75448.2466013.331.1510
Didsbury Dodgers54/2243711342.241.74332.1103216.121.420
  • Butter and egg men: Brantley (Bunting) 5 R, 2 HR, 10 RBI, .346 AVG, 1.068 OPS; Abreu (Bunting) 4 R, HR, 10 RBI, .333 AVG, .908 OPS; Tatis Jr (Bunting) 7 R, 2 HR, 8 RBI, .292 AVG, 1.122 OPS
  • Reyes-ing the roof: Reyes (Bunting) .455 AVG
  • Hand of aces: McKenzie (Bunting) W, 6 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.50 WHIP; Wheeler (Bunting) W, 6 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.75 WHIP; Burnes (Bunting) W, 7 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.73 WHIP; Gallen (Bunting) 0.00 ERA, 0.43 WHIP
  • Comeback king: Bard (Bunting) 3 SV
Orpington Eagles76/3144410383.242.73944.1424906.091.713
Newcastle Knights73/2984014364.245.77147.0345802.491.028
  • Kyle’s brother: C Seager (Knights) 2 HR, .435 AVG, 1.308 OPS
  • Multi-homer weeks: Cano and Castellanos (both Knights) 2 HR each
  • Need for speed: Yelich (Knights) 2 SB
  • Safe at home: Belt (Eagles) 6 R; Conforto (Eagles) 5 R, 8 RBI
  • Wins still matter: Berrios (Eagles) W
  • Catman: Gonsolin (Knights) 8 K
  • Closing time: Kintzler (Knights) 3 SV
  • Feeling stingy: Heaney (Knights) 0.00 ERA, 0.71 WHIP; Dobnak (Knights) 0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP
Norwich No II101/3486522647.290.90665.0267333.741.317
Richie’s RBI’s101/3525211465.287.80370.0537433.211.174
  • Productive infield: Suarez (Norwich) 6 R, 5 HR, 12 RBI, .364 AVG, 1.536 OPS; T Turner (Norwich) 8 R, 3 HR, 6 RBI, 2 SB, .382 AVG, 1.123 OPS; Hiura (Norwich) 6 R, 4 HR, 8 RBI, 1.219 OPS; De Jong (Norwich) 2 HR, 8 RBI
  • By way of the K: Tanaka (RBIs) W, 12 K, 3.18 ERA, 0.97 WHIP; Gonzales (RBIs) W, 8 K, 1.00 ERA, 0.56 WHIP; Lugo (RBIs) W, 8 K, 1.80 ERA, 1.20 WHIP
  • Vintage Clayton: Kershaw (RBIs) W, 8 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.50 WHIP
  • Save me: Colome (Norwich) 3 SV
Beckenham A&E Dept57/263329299.217.67661.0529402.210.936
Mighty Slugs95/3255619513.292.89874.1407024.841.366
  • Squat thrusts and chocolate milk: Alonso (Slugs) 5 R, 4 HR, 7 RBI, 1.019 OPS
  • Happy chappy: Happ (Slugs) 3 HR
  • Inspired pickup: Mountcastle (Slugs) 4 R, HR, 7 RBI, .429 AVG, 1.113 OPS
  • Quick: Story (A&E Dept) 3 SB
  • What a rotation: deGrom (A&E Dept) W, 21 K, 1.38 ERA; Bieber (A&E Dept) W, 19 K, 0.82 ERA; Nola (A&E Dept) W, 19 K, 2.03 ERA; Darvish (A&E Dept) W, 11 K, 1.29 ERA, 0.14 WHIP 
  • He gave up a hit: Hader (A&E Dept) 2 SV
  • What we have, we hold: Pomeranz (Slugs) HLD


RankTeamW-L-TPctGBLast WeekWaiverMoves
1 Bunting for Britain46-23-3.66010-0-2928
2 Cheshunt Maltsters41-26-5.604411-1-0517
3 Mighty Slugs39-25-8.5974.56-6-0129
4 Norwich No II36-28-8.5567.57-4-1226
5 Orpington Eagles33-31-8.51410.53-8-1416
6 Beckenham A&E Dept31-35-6.47213.56-6-03
7 Richie’s RBI’s31-37-4.45814.54-7-11016
8 The Cheddar Chasers28-39-5.424171-11-07
9 Didsbury Dodgers26-41-5.396190-10-281
10 Newcastle Knights21-47-4.31924.58-3-1615

The final push

There’s plenty to play for in the final week as only the top four advance to the championship playoffs. The teams finishing fifth to eighth will take part in he consolation playoffs. Here are the crucial matchups:
Week seven:

Bunting v Slugs

Maltsters v Dodgers

Norwich v Eagles

A&E Dept v Knights

RBIs v Chasers

BGB Fantasy League 2020: Week 5

A no-hitter. Bench-clearing incidents. A trade deadline looming. It was another eventful week in MLB. Let’s look at how it affected week five of the BaseballGB Fantasy League.

Norwich No II90/3285312445.274.80558.2516904.761.354
The Cheddar Chasers74/2845219456.261.84736.2424903.191.237
  • Hot hitters: Hoskins (Chasers) 3 HR, 6 RBI, 1.358 OPS; J Ramirez (Chasers) 2 HR, 4 RBI, 2 SB
  • Trea cool: T Turner (Norwich) 6 R, .519 AVG; Alberto (Norwich) .429 AVG
  • Strikeout machine: Paddack (Norwich) W, 15 K
  • Making his mark: Melancon (Chasers) 2 SV
  • Feeling stingy: Scherzer (Chasers) 1.50 ERA, 1.00 WHIP; Fried (Chasers) 1.50 ERA, 0.83 WHIP; McCullers (Chasers) 1.50 ERA, 1.17 WHIP
Bunting for Britain70/2865011416.245.750*68.1536422.771.245
Cheshunt Maltsters71/3004613474.237.750*46.0585802.740.876
  • Simply the best: Trout (Maltsters) 2 HR, 7 RBI, 1.166 OPS
  • Boomstick: Cruz (Maltsters) 3 HR, 3 RBI
  • Safe at home: Tatis Jr (Bunting) 7 R, SB, .320 AVG.400 club: Brantley (Bunting) .455 AVG; Schoop (Bunting) .409 AVG
  • No-hitter: Giolito (Maltsters) W, 0.00 ERA, 0.11 WHIP
  • Pressed into action: Pressly (Maltsters) 3 SV
  • By way of the K: Burnes (Bunting) 10 K
  • What we have, we hold: Wick (Bunting) 2 HLD
Newcastle Knights98/3316015505.296.85048.2415534.811.486
Richie’s RBI’s81/3274213407.248.74358.1426413.551.205
  • Very good Christian: Walker (Knights) 5 R, 3 HR, 10 RBI, .364 AVG, 1.203 OPS
  • Cutch in the clutch: McCutchen (Knights) 7 R, 2 HR, 6 RBI, .435 AVG, 1.197 OPS
  • Need for speed: Villar (RBIs) 2 SB
  • By way of the K: Lynn (RBIs) 14 K, Lugo (RBIs) 12 K
  • No runs allowed: Kershaw (RBIs) 0.00 ERA, 0.67 WHIP; Tanaka (RBIs) 0.00 ERA, 0.60 WHIP
Orpington Eagles89/3274813454.272.81151.1125423.331.484
Mighty Slugs82/3254813472.252.75668.0527335.291.475
  • M&M and M&M: Muncy (Slugs) 5 R, 2 HR, 7 RBI; Machado (Slugs) 8 R, 3 HR, 7 RBI
  • Happy: Happ (Slugs) 3 HR
  • Nudge, nudge, wink, wink: Winker (Eagles) 6 R, 4 HR, .333 AVG, 1.231 OPS
  • He’s going: Lindor (Eagles) 2 SB, .360 AVG
  • .400 club: Cronenworth (Eagles) .409 AVG; Suzuki (Eagles) .417 AVG
  • Wins still matter: Valdez (Slugs) W, 11 K, 1.14 WHIP
  • Double duty: Hernandez (Slugs) W, HLD
  • No runs allowed: Minor (Eagles) 0.00 ERA
Beckenham A&E Dept65/2343813416.278.88955.1527202.111.085
Didsbury Dodgers74/2293815503.323.99544.1325215.481.565
  • RBI machine: Guerrero Jr (Dodgers) HR, 10 RBI, .391 AVG, 1.157 |OPS
  • .400 club: Bogaerts (Dodgers) .450 AVG, 1.326 OPS; Segura (Dodgers) .409 AVG
  • Swing and a drive: Rizzo (Dodgers) 3 HR, 6 RBI
  • Swiping bags: Story and Ohtani (both A&E Dept) 3 SB each
  • Where’s the run support?: deGrom (A&E Dept) 14 K, 1.29 ERA, 0.57 WHIP
  • Jumping Jack flash: Flaherty (A&E Dept) W, 0.90 ERA, 0.60 WHIP
  • Wins still matter: Maeda (A&E Dept) W, 15 K; Bieber (A&E Dept) W, 10 K
  • Standings:


RankTeamW-L-TPctGBLast WeekWaiverMoves
1 Mighty Slugs33-19-8.6175-4-3124
2 Bunting for Britain36-23-1.6080.55-6-1927
3 Orpington Eagles30-23-7.5583.54-5-3413
4 Cheshunt Maltsters30-25-5.5424.56-5-1517
5 Norwich No II29-24-7.5424.54-7-1226
6 The Cheddar Chasers27-28-5.4927.57-4-17
7 Richie’s RBI’s27-30-3.4758.55-6-11015
8 Beckenham A&E Dept25-29-6.46795-5-23
9 Didsbury Dodgers26-31-3.4589.55-5-281
10 Newcastle Knights13-44-3.24222.56-5-1613

Week 6 Matchups In progress

Trade deadline:

The MLB trade deadline was on Monday night but there is still time to make a deal in this league. Our deadline is Sunday, September 6.

BGB Fantasy League 2020: Week 4

Players apologising for hitting grand slams. Bullpen meltdowns. Near no-hitters. Games decided by plays at the plate. Just another week in MLB. Here’s how it affected the week four matchups ( also the half-way point in the season) in the BaseballGB Fantasy League.

Orpington Eagles101/3486115561.290.83562.1436915.631.4910
Didsbury Dodgers65/2784315373.234.77144.01249010.232.181
  • Clutch performer: C Santana (Eagles) 2 HR, 9 RBI
  • Way above average: Rendon (Eagles) .531 AVG, 1.125 OPS; Diaz (Eagles) 2 HR, .368 AVG, 1.215 OPS
  • MVP: Betts (Dodgers) 3 HR, 3 SB
  • Berry good: Berrios (Eagles) W, 9 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.33 WHIP
  • Double duty: Jeffress (Eagles) W, 2 SV
Newcastle Knights74/3134711332.236.74333.1433624.861.351
Norwich No II100/3655813507.274.82659.1236434.251.2010
  • Power you can bank on: Santander (Norwich) 3 HR; Chapman (Norwich) 7 R, 3 HR, 6 RBI
  • Safe at home: Verdugo (Norwich) 8 R, .333 AVG, SB; T Turner (Norwich) 7 R, 2 SB, .409 AVG
  • RBI machine: Devers (Norwich) 2 HR, 7 RBI, .323 AVG
  • Bauer power: Bauer (Knights) W
  • By way of the K: Cole (Norwich) 10 K, 2.70 ERA, 1.05 WHIP
  • What we have, we hold: Duffey (Norwich) 3 HLD
Bunting for Britain106/3396926597.313.98358.2126335.521.359
The Cheddar Chasers69/2933793413.235.68634.0303404.241.413
  • Unstoppable force: Abreu (Bunting) 9 R, 7 HR, 15 RBI, .533 AVG, 1.896 OPS
  • Slam Diego: Tatis Jr (Bunting) 9 R, 3 HR, 8 RBI, .357 AVG, 1.116 OPS
  • Smooth operator: Lewis (Bunting) 11 R, 3 HR, 4 RBI, .522 AVG, 1.590 OPS
  • Running wild: Merrifield (Chasers) 4 SB, J Ramirez (Chasers) 3 SB
  • Wins still matter: Fried (Chasers) W, 1.80 ERA
  • Strikeout machine: Gallen (Bunting) 14 K, 0.85 WHIP
  • Hold on: Anderson (Bunting) 2 HLD
  • Closing time: Jansen (Bunting) SV
Beckenham A&E Dept64/2684016504.239.78149.1406401.820.973
Cheshunt Maltsters109/3526319733.310.93565.2536062.880.859
  • Full Nelson: Cruz (Maltsters) 6 R, 4 HR, 5 RBI, .350 AVG, 1.450 OPS
  • Buffalo Blue Jays: L Gurriel (Maltsters) 2 HR, 10 RBI, .345 AVG, 1.015 OPS; Biggio (Maltsters) 8 R, HR, 6 RBI, .440 AVG, 1.308 OPS
  • Austin powers: Nola (Maltsters) 7 R, 2 HR, 8 RBI, .345 AVG 
  • Cool hand Luke: Voit (A&E Dept) 5 HR
  • Missing bats: Darvish (A&E Dept) 17 K, 1.38 ERA
  • Near no-no: Maeda (A&E Dept) 12 K, 1.13 ERA
  • Just another normal week: Bieber (A&E Dept) 0.00 ERA
  • Double duty: Hendriks (Maltsters) W, 2 SV
  • Holding on: Watson and Castillo (both Maltsters) 2 HLD each
  • WHIP it: Civale (Maltsters) 0.56 WHIP; Giolito (Maltsters) 0.57 WHIP; Greinke (Maltsters) 0.64 WHIP, Keuchel (Malsters) 0.88 WHIP
Mighty Slugs84/3295920464.255.87362.0325364.791.556
Richie’s RBI’s69/3203912404.216.66856.0346554.501.324
  • Slam Diego (part two): Machado (Slugs) 8 R, 3 HR, 9 RBI, .393 AVG, 1.290 OPS
  • Hunter gatherer: H Dozier (Slugs) 7 R, 2 HR, 4 RBI, .350 AVG, 1.208 OPS
  • Vintage Clayton: Kershaw (RBIs) 11 K, 1.29 ERA, 0.71 WHIP
  • Now closing: Pagan (RBIs) 2 SV
  • Setting things up: Romo and Rainey (both Slugs) 2 HLD each


RankTeamW-L-TPctGBLast WeekWaiverMoves
1 Bunting for Britain31-17-0.6469-3-0924
2 Mighty Slugs28-15-5.6350.56-4-2121
3 Orpington Eagles26-18-4.583310-1-1412
4 Norwich No II25-17-6.583310-1-1224
5 Cheshunt Maltsters24-20-4.54259-3-0517
6 Richie’s RBI’s22-24-2.47984-6-21014
7 The Cheddar Chasers20-24-4.45893-9-07
8 Beckenham A&E Dept20-24-4.45893-9-03
9 Didsbury Dodgers21-26-1.4489.51-10-181
10 Newcastle Knights7-39-2.167231-10-1612

We have a change at the top as Bunting move 0.5 ahead of the Slugs. Big wins for the Eagles and Norwich help them climb the standings. Just 6.5 games cover the top nine teams so still plenty to play for in the second half of the season.

Week 5 Matchups In progress

BGB Fantasy League 2020: Week 3

It’s been another week of late comebacks and crazy numbers being put up as well as some injuries to big names and more postponements due to Covid. Here’s how it affected the BaseballGB Fantasy League in week three.

Didsbury Dodgers62/2723915281.228.73559.2245206.341.533
Richie’s RBI’s61/2544310298.240.72554.2454724.281.159
  • Damn Yankees: LeMahieu (RBIs) 5 R, .467 AVG, 1 IL stint; Torres (RBIs) 5 R, .563 AVG
  • Clutch performer: Hosmer (RBIs) 6 RBI
  • Need for speed: Villar (RBIs) 4 SB
  • MVP?: Betts (Dodgers) 4 HR, 1.231 OPS
  • He’s got the power: Segura (Dodgers) 3 HR
  • Wins still matter: Bundy (RBIs) W, 10 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.71 WHIP; Lynn (RBIs) W, 6 K, 1.00 ERA, 0.22 WHIP; Kershaw (RBIs) W, 6 K, 1.29 ERA, 0.43 WHIP
  • By way of the K: Ray (Dodgers) 10 K
  • Closing time: Britton (RBIs) 3 SV
Orpington Eagles108/3507221664.309.91964.0525614.501.388
Cheshunt Maltsters71/2994817487.237.77851.2534926.451.393
  • He’s the Juan for me: Soto (Eagles) 12 R, 5 HR, 12 RBI, .462 AVG, 1.610 OPS
  • Highs with Lowe: Lowe (Eagles) 10 R, 4 HR, 10 RBI, .448 AVG, 1.500 OPS
  • Tony two-bags? Make it four: Rendon (Eagles) 7 R, 5 HR, 7 RBI, .400 AVG, 1.738 OPS
  • Sets of wheels: Berti, Biggio and Moore (all maltsters) 2 SB each
  • Nice one Sonny: Gray (Eagles) W, 10 K, 1.35 ERA, 0.90 WHIP
  • Lockdown closer: Hendriks (Maltsters) 3 SV
  • What we have, we hold: Baez and Petit (both Maltsters) 1 HLD each
Newcastle Knights79/2834513432.279.87326.2303114.391.314
The Cheddar Chasers84/2984912426.282.82442.1315003.831.207
  • Safe at home: Hoskins (Chasers) 7 R; Hampson (Chasers) 6 R, SB, .379 AVG
  • Slumping: Blackmon (Chasers) .417 AVG
  • Ray of light: Tsutsugo (Knights) 2 HR, 7 RBI, 1.103 OPS
  • Maximum effort: Scherzer (Chasers) 2 W, 17 K; McCullers (Chasers) W, 12 K, 1.42 ERA, 0.55 WHIP
  • Hold on: Ottavino (Knights) 1 HLD
  • Lone save: Melancon (Chasers) SV
  • On the naughty step: Clevinger (Chasers)
Beckenham A&E Dept68/2814612377.242.75045.0535901.000.625
Bunting for Britain82/2995121633.274.86551.0274324.411.377
  • Yes we Fran: Reyes (Bunting) 5 R, 3 HR, 6 RBI, .556 AVG, 1.747 OPS
  • Enjoy Eloy: Jimenez (Bunting) 4 R, 4 HR, 9 RBI, .391 AVG, 1.304 OPS
  • Marte party: S Marte (Bunting) 6 R, HR, 7 RBI, .357 AVG
  • Yay-J: Pollock (A&E Dept) 2 SB
  • Ace: Nola (A&E Dept) 2 W, 18 K, 0.60 ERA, 0.53 WHIP
  • Good pick-up: Montero (Bunting) 3 SV; Anderson (Bunting) SV, HLD
Mighty Slugs94/3396513544.277.82164.1335124.201.355
Norwich No II96/3526121711.273.85942.0334144.711.215
  • Real deal: Realmuto (Norwich) 4 HR, 11 RBI, 1.113 OPS; Santander (Norwich) 4 HR, 8 RBI, 1.389 OPS
  • Safe at home: Harper (Slugs) 10 R, 2 SB, .480 AVG; Olson (Slugs) 8 R; K Marte (Slugs) 6 R, SB, .423 AVG
  • By way of the K: Karinchak (Slugs) 9 K
  • Good Cristian: Javier (Slugs) W, 0.00 ERAWHIP it: Cole (Norwich) 0.57 WHIP; Lamet (Norwich) 0.67 WHIP
  • Firm grip on the lead: Green (Norwich) 3 HLD


RankTeamW-L-TPctGBLast WeekWaiverMoves
1 Mighty Slugs22-11-3.6535-5-2117
2 Bunting for Britain22-14-0.6111.57-5-0918
3 Didsbury Dodgers20-16-0.5563.53-9-081
4 The Cheddar Chasers17-15-4.5284.57-4-17
5 Beckenham A&E Dept17-15-4.5284.55-7-03
6 Richie’s RBI’s18-18-0.5005.59-3-0109
7 Orpington Eagles16-17-3.48668-3-147
8 Norwich No II15-16-5.48665-5-2221
9 Cheshunt Maltsters15-17-4.4726.53-8-1514
10 Newcastle Knights6-29-1.181174-7-169

Week 4 Matchups In progress


The latest rash of injuries, Covid cases and suspensions may leave your roster looking a little thin. Remember to make the most of your IL spots, pick up replacements from the free agent pool or you can always try to make a trade.

BGB Fantasy League 2020: Week 2

The Marlins are in the hunt for the playoffs. The Rockies are top of the NL West. Donovan Solano has turned into Ted Williams. It’s a strange time indeed, but there’s one thing we can be sure of: the Astros are still jerks. Here’s how the week’s action affected the BaseballGB Fantasy League. 

Mighty Slugs58/2823616403.206.73271.1636954.041.1211
Newcastle Knights56/2743413450.204.71239.1324635.261.321
  • Matt’s the way to do it: Olson (Slugs) 5 R, 4 HR, 1.055 OPS
  • Way above average: Davis (Slugs) .350 AVG
  • Clutch: Yastrzemski (Knights) 7 RBI, Yelich (Knights) 6 RBIs 
  • By way of the K: Luzardo (Slugs) W, 10 K, 1.69 ERA, 1.03 WHIP
  • Closing time: Yates (Slugs) 2 SV; Pomeranz and Karinchak (both Slugs) 2 HLD each
Orpington Eagles61/3193411323.191.62548.1505745.031.455
Bunting for Britain76/3194516365.238.72546.1164806.221.667
  • MVP: Tatis Jr (Bunting) 7 R, 6 HR, 9 RBI, SB, .435 AVG, 1.741 OPS
  • .400 club: Perez (Bunting) .429 AVG, S Marte (Bunting) .421 AVG
  • Wins still matter: Gray (Eagles) W, 15 K, 3.97 ERA
  • What we have, we hold: Holland (Eagles) W, 2 HLD, Jeffress (Eagles) 2 HLD
  • Saving the day: Jansen, Neris and Anderson (all Bunting) 2 SV each
Cheshunt Maltsters84/3084415402.273.81458.1325972.781.297
Richie’s RBI’s80/3203711355.250.71573.0568432.960.865
  • Dad power: Trout (Maltsters) 5 R, 4 HR, 7 RBI
  • Safe at home: Freeman (Maltsters) 6 R, 2 HR, 6 RBI
  • RBI machine: Murphy (Maltsters) 8 RBI, .364 AVG
  • Need for speed: Villar (RBIs) 2 SB
  • Rule breaker: Plesac (RBIs) W, 13 K, 0.85 ERA
  • WHIP it: Gonzales (RBIs) 0.43 WHIP; Bundy (RBIs) 0.44 WHIP
  • No runs allowed: Greinke (Maltsters) 0.00 ERA
  • Hold on: Bummer, Petit and Watson (all Maltsters) 2 HLD each
  • Stoppers: Lugo, Iglesias and Britton (all RBIs) 2 SV each
Didsbury Dodgers68/2634412423.259.80379.0547223.301.09*6
Norwich No II73/3074720472.238.82267.2686413.861.09*6
  • Happy chappy: Chapman (Norwich) 7 R, 3 HR
  • Going yard: Realmuto (Norwich) 6 R, 3 HR, 6 RBI, 1.365 OPS; Verdugo (Norwich) 3 HR; Ruiz (Norwich) 3 HR
  • .500 club: Myers (Dodgers) .500 AVG
  • Wheels: Bichette (Dodgers) 2 SB
  • Victorious: Lamet (Norwich) one of six pitchers with a W
  • Under the radar: Bass and Diaz (both Norwich) 2 SV each
  • Frankie says relax: Montas (Dodgers) 14 K, 0.64 ERA, 0.71 WHIP
Beckenham A&E Dept72/3214113347.224.65649.2516102.540.915
The Cheddar Chasers87/3214715525.271.83329.0412304.971.345
  • Chuck Nasty: Blackmon (Chasers) 7 R, 2 HR, 9 RBI, .560 AVG, 1.520 OPS
  • Rockets from Ronnie: Acuna Jr (Chasers) 3 HR, 1.359 OPS
  • Maximum efficiency: Kepler (Chasers) 7 RBI
  • Swiping bags: Robert (A&E Dept) 3 SB
  • Undefeated: deGrom (A&E Dept) 2 W, 16 K; Bieber (A&E Dept) W, 16 K
  • Feeling stingy: Ryu (A&E Dept) 0.00 ERA, 0.50 ERA; Nola (A&E Dept) 1.50 ERA, 0.50 WHIP


RankTeamW-L-TPctGBLast WeekWaiverMoves
1 Mighty Slugs17-6-1.72911-1-0112
2 Didsbury Dodgers17-7-0.7080.56-6-081
3 Bunting for Britain15-9-0.6252.57-5-0915
4 Beckenham A&E Dept12-8-4.5833.55-5-23
5 Cheshunt Maltsters12-9-3.56347-5-0510
6 Norwich No II10-11-3.47966-6-0215
7 The Cheddar Chasers10-11-3.47965-5-27
8 Orpington Eagles8-14-2.3758.55-7-046
9 Richie’s RBI’s9-15-0.3758.55-7-0106
10 Newcastle Knights2-22-0.08315.51-11-067

Week 3 Matchups In progress

BGB Fantasy League 2020: Week 1

Donovan Solano is leading the NL in RBIs. Colin Moran has five homers. Tyler Chatwood has been the best pitcher on the Cubs. The Marlins have only played three games but are still second in the NL East.

It’s been a crazy start to the strangest of seasons. But which teams have made winning starts in the 2020 BaseballGB Fantasy League?

Didsbury Dodgers101/4205820615.240.76985.2488613.471.1411
Newcastle Knights98/4255718581.231.71151.0234644.591.331
  • Matchup MVP: Swanson (Dodgers) 9 R, 2 HR, 11 RBI, 3 SB, .368 AVG, 1.005 OPS
  • X Factor: Bogaerts (Dodgers) 3 HR, 9 RBI, .333 AVG, 1.038 OPS
  • Three-homer club: Rizzo (Dodgers), C Seager and Baez (Knights)
  • Young aces: Marquez (Dodgers) W, 14 K, 1.54 ERA, 0.86 WHIP; Woodruff (Dodgers) W, 15 K, 1.59 ERA, 0.62 WHIP
  • Hey Joe: Jimenez (Dodgers) 4 SV
  • Hold on: Ottavino (Knights) HLD
Bunting for Britain132/49365187210.268.77374.0437914.501.358
Richie’s RBI’s99/4375716654.227.69072.2547434.831.274
  • Star power: Tatis Jr (Bunting) 8 R, 2 HR, 9 RBI, 3 SB; Brantley (Bunting) 8 R, HR, 6 RBI, SB, .438 AVG, 1.170 OPS; Lewis (Bunting) 7 R, 3 HR, 9 RBI, .425 AVG, 1.127 OPS
  • Homer streak: Judge (RBIs) 10 R, 6 HR, 14 RBI
  • Wins do matter: Lynn (RBIs) W, 0.75 WHIP; Kershaw (RBIs) W, 0.53 WHIP
  • By way of the K: Gallen and Musgrove (both Bunting) 15 K each
  • Stand-in closer: Britton (RBIs) 3 SV
  • Hold this: Pagan (RBIs) 2 HLD
Orpington Eagles100/4426215588.226.70070.0348335.141.233
Beckenham A&E Dept99/3906221578.254.77869.1618702.730.877
  • Opening chapter: Story (A&E Dept), Vazquez (A&E Dept) 4 HR each. Story also scored 9 runs.
  • RBI machines: Lindor (Eagles) and Pham (Eagles) 7 RBI each. Pham also stole 5 bases.
  • Yay-Jay: Pollock (A&E Dept) .370 AVG
  • Pair of aces: Bieber (A&E Dept) 2 W, 27 K, 0.00 ERA, 0.57 WHIP; Maeda (A&E Dept) 2 W, 12 K, 1.64 ERA, 0.64 WHIP
  • Saving the day: Rogers (Eagles) 3 SV
  • That went well: Ohtani (Eagles) 37.80 ERA, 6.60 WHIP
Mighty Slugs113/4736419662.239.75486.2447733.631.306
The Cheddar Chasers105/3867115512.272.81559.0237303.511.245
  • Safe at home: Merrifield (Chasers) 8 R, .317 AVG, .973 OPS; J Ramirez (Chasers) 7 R, .333 AVG, .984 OPS
  • Go get it out of the ocean: Muncy (Slugs) 3 HR
  • Butter and egg man: Turner (Slugs) 8 RBI
  • Strip club: Stripling (Slugs) 2 W
  • Double duty: Pomeranz (Slugs) 2 SV, 2 HLD
  • Sizzling stuff: Fried (Chasers) 2.31 ERA, 0.69 WHIP
Cheshunt Maltsters103/3895615563.265.79385.2648843.991.135
Norwich No II89/4475818513.199.65880.1638242.460.954
  • Baltimore Ohs: Nunez (Norwich) 9 R, 2 HR; Laureano (Norwich) 7 R, 2 HR, Devers (Norwich) 7 R
  • Boomstick: Cruz (Maltsters) 12 RBI, Ozuna (Maltsters) 1.115 OPS
  • Way above average: d’Arnaud and Murphy (both Maltsters) .364 AVG
  • Strikeout machine: Civale (Maltsters) 18 K
  • Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Out, Out, Out: Hendriks (Maltsters) 3 SV
  • None shall pass: Soroka (Norwich) 1.59 ERA, 0.97 WHIP; Paddack (Norwich) 1.64 ERA, 1.00 WHIP


RankTeamW-L-TPctGBLast WeekWaiverMoves
1 Didsbury Dodgers11-1-0.91711-1-081
2 Beckenham A&E Dept7-3-2.66737-3-23
3 Bunting for Britain8-4-0.66738-4-097
4 Cheshunt Maltsters5-4-3.5424.55-4-358
5 Mighty Slugs6-5-1.5424.56-5-119
6 Norwich No II4-5-3.4585.54-5-3210
7 The Cheddar Chasers5-6-1.4585.55-6-17
8 Orpington Eagles3-7-2.33373-7-245
9 Richie’s RBI’s4-8-0.33374-8-0106
10 Newcastle Knights1-11-0.083101-11-063

Week two matchups:

Reminder: Make sure you use your IL spots for injured players to make room on your roster for replacements. And with more postponements likely make sure you have enough cover on your bench.

BGB Fantasy Baseball League draft 2020

The BaseballGB Fantasy League draft went ahead – slightly later than planned for obvious reasons. Read on to find out how our managers drafted 300 players in 70 minutes.

Our league has 10 teams this year and as the season is only 60 games this year – meaning seven weeks of regular season and two weeks of playoffs for the top four – the decision was made to expand the rosters. Each team would be drafting: C, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, CF, OF, OF, OF, OF, UT, UT, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN.

Each manager would need 30 players per roster including extra bench slots to guard against any injuries and illnesses.The stats categories remained the same: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, HLD, SV, K, ERA, WHIP.

I had not done as many mock drafts this year as lockdown came at a time when I would have normally been doing them. I made do with just one 10-team mock, where I chose to pick sixth. I was really happy with how that draft went and it helped me finalise my draft strategy for the real thing. I logged into the draft room 15 minutes before it began and was delighted to find I was picking seventh out of 10. Yes, it was towards the back of the queue but I knew that with fairly regular picks I was confident of building a strong team.

Round 1
1.Aaron Judge(NYY – OF)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Mookie Betts(LAD – CF)Didsbury Dod…
3.Ronald Acuña Jr.(Atl – CF)The Cheddar …
4.Christian Yelich(Mil – OF)Newcastle Kn…
5.Mike Trout(LAA – CF)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Cody Bellinger(LAD – 1B,CF)Bunting for …
7.Francisco Lindor(Cle – SS)Orpington Ea…
8.Trevor Story(Col – SS)Beckenham A&…
9.Gerrit Cole(NYY – SP)Norwich No II
10.Nolan Arenado(Col – 3B)Mighty Slugs

The RBIs were always going to pick a Yankee. It turned out to be Judge. Don’t get me wrong, I love his power, but with all of the players to choose from I would go for a player that can help more across more categories in the way Acuna Jr, Trout or Yelich can. A surprise to see Betts go second too but I happily draft Lindor (as I had done in my mock) to get me started. Norwich selected Cole with their first pick. I had already decided to load up on hitters in the early rounds and leave getting a starter until later as even an ace like Cole will only pitch 12 times or so this season.

Round 2
1.Pete Alonso(NYM – 1B)Mighty Slugs
2.Trea Turner(Was – SS)Norwich No II
3.Jacob deGrom(NYM – SP)Beckenham A&…
4.Juan Soto(Was – OF)Orpington Ea…
5.Fernando Tatis Jr.(SD – SS)Bunting for …
6.J.D. Martinez(Bos – OF)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Alex Bregman(Hou – 3B,SS)Newcastle Kn…
8.Max Scherzer(Was – SP)The Cheddar …
9.Walker Buehler(LAD – SP)Didsbury Dod…
10.Gleyber Torres(NYY – 2B,SS)Richie’s RBI’s

The Alonso selection brought a similar reaction to the Judge pick for me. Yes, monstrous power and he would have been a fine pick a few rounds later but there are other players here who are better across the board, such as Bregman and Tatis Jr. I did fear that I would be picking a pair of shortstops early and was tempted to go with Tatis Jr here but decided that it made more sense to fill a different position and went for Soto (as I did in my mock). The RBIs go for another Yankee and I can understand why with Torres.

Round 3
1.Clayton Kershaw(LAD – SP)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Anthony Rizzo(ChC – 1B)Didsbury Dod…
3.José Ramírez(Cle – 3B)The Cheddar …
4.Javier Báez(ChC – SS)Newcastle Kn…
5.Freddie Freeman(Atl – 1B)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Justin Verlander(Hou – SP)Bunting for …
7.Anthony Rendon(LAA – 3B)Orpington Ea…
8.Jack Flaherty(StL – SP)Beckenham A&…
9.Rafael Devers(Bos – 3B)Norwich No II
10.Bryce Harper(Phi – OF)Mighty Slugs

Despite several arms going in this round, I was sticking to my guns with my plan to draft hitters in the first five rounds, taking Rendon to fill out the left side of my infield. Slight surprise to Rizzo go this high and we’ll see how long it takes Freeman to recover from Covid-19. 

Round 4
1.George Springer(Hou – CF)Mighty Slugs
2.Stephen Strasburg(Was – SP)Norwich No II
3.Shane Bieber(Cle – SP)Beckenham A&…
4.Jose Altuve(Hou – 2B)Orpington Ea…
5.Starling Marte(Ari – CF)Bunting for …
6.Nelson Cruz(Min – Util)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Blake Snell(TB – SP)Newcastle Kn…
8.Mike Clevinger(Cle – SP)The Cheddar …
9.Xander Bogaerts(Bos – SS)Didsbury Dod…
10.DJ LeMahieu(NYY – 1B,2B,3B)Richie’s RBI’s

I had my eye on Springer to full my CF spot as the queue made its way back to me but the Slugs spoil that plan. I consider Marte’s power/speed combo but decide to take Altuve, giving me a high-quality middle infield.

Round 5
1.James Paxton(NYY – SP)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Kris Bryant(ChC – 3B,OF)Didsbury Dod…
3.Yordan Alvarez(Hou – OF)The Cheddar …
4.Trevor Bauer(Cin – SP)Newcastle Kn…
5.Zack Greinke(Hou – SP)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Ozzie Albies(Atl – 2B)Bunting for …
7.Austin Meadows(TB – OF)Orpington Ea…
8.Yu Darvish(ChC – SP)Beckenham A&…
9.Chris Paddack(SD – SP)Norwich No II
10.Ketel Marte(Ari – 2B,SS,CF)Mighty Slugs

Paxton’s an interesting choice here. He was buried far down in the rankings – much too low for my liking – but I think he would have been around for a bit longer. Still, if he is fit and firing this could pan out very well for the RBIs. I had thought about getting Greinke if he was still available in the following round but the Maltsters get there first. With Bryant and Alvarez going back-to-back, I am pleased that Meadows is still there when it’s my turn. Five hitters in the bag, now time to think about pitching.

Round 6
1.Manny Machado(SD – 3B,SS)Mighty Slugs
2.Keston Hiura(Mil – 2B)Norwich No II
3.Aaron Nola(Phi – SP)Beckenham A&…
4.Luis Castillo(Cin – SP)Orpington Ea…
5.Adalberto Mondesi(KC – SS)Bunting for …
6.Charlie Morton(TB – SP)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Paul Goldschmidt(StL – 1B)Newcastle Kn…
8.Whit Merrifield(KC – 2B,CF)The Cheddar …
9.Vladimir Guerrero Jr.(Tor – 3B)Didsbury Dod…
10.Giancarlo Stanton(NYY – OF)Richie’s RBI’s

I was hoping that one of Castillo or Morton would reach me and end up with a choice of either. Factoring in the Reds’ schedule and interleague games against weaker opposition, I go for Castilo as I think the Reds have a decent shot to do something this year. I would have grabbed Morton in the next round but he soon goes to the Maltsters.

Round 7
1.Oscar Mercado(Cle – CF)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Bo Bichette(Tor – SS)Didsbury Dod…
3.Charlie Blackmon(Col – OF)The Cheddar …
4.Victor Robles(Was – CF)Newcastle Kn…
5.Lucas Giolito(CWS – SP)Cheshunt Mal…
6.José Abreu(CWS – 1B)Bunting for …
7.Patrick Corbin(Was – SP)Orpington Ea…
8.Josh Hader(Mil – RP)Beckenham A&…
9.Eugenio Suárez(Cin – 3B)Norwich No II
10.Kirby Yates(SD – RP)Mighty Slugs

I cross my fingers for Corbin and get my wish. The Mercado pick is a little strange here, especially with more established outfielders like Blackmon still available. Beckenham grab Hader, who I think could really shine in a short season. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Brewers use him for multiple-inning stints regularly to maximise his value.

Round 8
1.Josh Donaldson(Min – 3B)Mighty Slugs
2.J.T. Realmuto(Phi – C)Norwich No II
3.Yoán Moncada(CWS – 3B)Beckenham A&…
4.Tommy Pham(SD – OF)Orpington Ea…
5.Eloy Jiménez(CWS – OF)Bunting for …
6.Marcell Ozuna(Atl – OF)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Aroldis Chapman(NYY – RP)Newcastle Kn…
8.Tim Anderson(CWS – SS)The Cheddar …
9.Brandon Woodruff(Mil – SP)Didsbury Dod…
10.Gary Sánchez(NYY – C)Richie’s RBI’s

I like the Donaldson pick for the Slugs here (I had got him in my mock around this point). Pham’s power and speed combo will do nicely so I grab another outfielder. I still have gaps at first base and centre field. Something to think about in the next few rounds.

Round 9
1.Jonathan Villar(Mia – 2B,SS)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Jorge Soler(KC – OF)Didsbury Dod…
3.Tyler Glasnow(TB – SP)The Cheddar …
4.Nick Castellanos(Cin – OF)Newcastle Kn…
5.Ryan Pressly(Hou – RP)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Joey Gallo(Tex – CF)Bunting for …
7.José Berríos(Min – SP)Orpington Ea…
8.Marcus Semien(Oak – SS)Beckenham A&…
9.Matt Chapman(Oak – 3B)Norwich No II
10.Matt Olson(Oak – 1B)Mighty Slugs

I was primed to take Gallo’s power and CF eligibility until Bunting For Britain beat me too it. But the upside is that Berrios is still available, which I wasn’t expecting. With Muncy, Bell and Santana still available I take Berrios and hope that one of those three is around for my next pick.

Round 10
1.Max Muncy(LAD – 1B,2B,3B)Mighty Slugs
2.Andrew Benintendi(Bos – CF)Norwich No II
3.Josh Bell(Pit – 1B)Beckenham A&…
4.Carlos Santana(Cle – 1B)Orpington Ea…
5.Eddie Rosario(Min – OF)Bunting for …
6.Liam Hendriks(Oak – RP)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Mike Moustakas(Cin – 2B,3B)Newcastle Kn…
8.Rhys Hoskins(Phi – 1B)The Cheddar …
9.Brad Hand(Cle – RP)Didsbury Dod…
10.Trey Mancini(Bal – 1B,OF)Richie’s RBI’s

My mind is made up for me as the Slugs and Beckenham take my top two options. Still, Santana is not a bad consolation prize. More closers are starting to be drafted. I ought to fill that CF gap first but if Osuna’s still around he would be hard to pass up at this point.

Round 11
1.Eduardo Escobar(Ari – 2B,3B)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Kyle Schwarber(ChC – OF)Didsbury Dod…
3.Yasmani Grandal(CWS – C,1B)The Cheddar …
4.Roberto Osuna(Hou – RP)Newcastle Kn…
5.Carlos Correa(Hou – SS)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Franmil Reyes(Cle – OF)Bunting for …
7.Michael Conforto(NYM – CF)Orpington Ea…
8.Luis Robert(CWS – CF)Beckenham A&…
9.Ramón Laureano(Oak – CF)Norwich No II
10.Corey Kluber(Tex – SP)Mighty Slugs

The Knights nab Osuna so I decide to fill my CF slot with Conforto, starting a run on CFs. 

Round 12
1.Willson Contreras(ChC – C)Mighty Slugs
2.Mike Soroka(Atl – SP)Norwich No II
3.Shohei Ohtani (Batter)(LAA – Util)Beckenham A&…
4.Sonny Gray(Cin – SP)Orpington Ea…
5.Kenley Jansen(LAD – RP)Bunting for …
6.Miguel Sanó(Min – 1B,3B)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Edwin Díaz(NYM – RP)Newcastle Kn…
8.Max Kepler(Min – CF)The Cheddar …
9.David Dahl(Col – CF)Didsbury Dod…
10.Lance Lynn(Tex – SP)Richie’s RBI’s

I seriously weigh up taking Jansen here but Gray is still available. There are other closers I would be content with slightly lower in the rankings, so I go for another Reds SP and hope that one of them will still be around in the next round.

Round 13
1.Jeff McNeil(NYM – 2B,3B,OF)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Frankie Montas(Oak – SP)Didsbury Dod…
3.Jorge Polanco(Min – SS)The Cheddar …
4.Corey Seager(LAD – SS)Newcastle Kn…
5.Howie Kendrick(Was – 1B,2B,3B)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Michael Brantley(Hou – OF)Bunting for …
7.Taylor Rogers(Min – RP)Orpington Ea…
8.Byron Buxton(Min – CF)Beckenham A&…
9.Kyle Hendricks(ChC – SP)Norwich No II
10.Jesús Luzardo(Oak – RP)Mighty Slugs

McNeil’s positional flexibility makes him a nice pick for the RBIs here and I really think Seager is primed for a big year. If I hadn’t already drafted Lindor I might have gone for him in the previous round. Rogers is the top closing option left and I make him my first closer in round 13. You really can wait for saves.

Round 14
1.Justin Turner(LAD – 3B)Mighty Slugs
2.Amed Rosario(NYM – SS)Norwich No II
3.Hyun Jin Ryu(Tor – SP)Beckenham A&…
4.Ken Giles(Tor – RP)Orpington Ea…
5.Nick Anderson(TB – RP)Bunting for …
6.Aaron Bummer(CWS – RP)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Craig Kimbrel(ChC – RP)Newcastle Kn…
8.Lorenzo Cain(Mil – CF)The Cheddar …
9.Julio Urías(LAD – SP,RP)Didsbury Dod…
10.Raisel Iglesias(Cin – RP)Richie’s RBI’s

I had an eye on Turner for my CI spot but the Slugs spoil that idea. I end up taking a second closer a little earlier than planned in Giles.

Round 15
1.Seth Lugo(NYM – RP)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Will Smith(LAD – C)Didsbury Dod…
3.Lance McCullers Jr.(Hou – SP)The Cheddar …
4.Khris Davis(Oak – Util)Newcastle Kn…
5.Yasiel Puig(Cle – OF)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Matthew Boyd(Det – SP)Bunting for …
7.Mitch Garver(Min – C)Orpington Ea…
8.Elvis Andrus(Tex – SS)Beckenham A&…
9.Dinelson Lamet(SD – SP)Norwich No II
10.Rich Hill(Min – SP)Mighty Slugs

I haven’t drafted any catchers yet and it’s a shame to see Will Smith disappear from the list when he goes to the Dodgers (of course). The good news is Garver is still available, albeit a bit further down the rankings but it doesn’t feel like too much of a reach. 

Round 16
1.Hunter Dozier(KC – 1B,3B,OF)Mighty Slugs
2.Carlos Carrasco(Cle – SP,RP)Norwich No II
3.Adam Eaton(Was – OF)Beckenham A&…
4.Shohei Ohtani (Pitcher)(LAA – SP)Orpington Ea…
5.Zac Gallen(Ari – SP)Bunting for …
6.Bryan Reynolds(Pit – CF)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Madison Bumgarner(Ari – SP)Newcastle Kn…
8.Eduardo Rodriguez(Bos – SP)The Cheddar …
9.Justin Upton(LAA – OF)Didsbury Dod…
10.Tommy Edman(StL – 2B,3B,OF)Richie’s RBI’s

This was the part of the draft I found toughest. Plenty of SP options but none that really stood out. I take a punt on Ohtani, even though his initial results in training weren’t great. He may only pitch once a week but past the halfway point of the draft it feels like a worthwhile gamble.

Round 17
1.Zack Britton(NYY – RP)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Robbie Ray(Ari – SP)Didsbury Dod…
3.Max Fried(Atl – SP)The Cheddar …
4.Andrew McCutchen(Phi – CF)Newcastle Kn…
5.Yusmeiro Petit(Oak – RP)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Salvador Perez(KC – C)Bunting for …
7.Ryan Braun(Mil – OF)Orpington Ea…
8.Kenta Maeda(Min – SP,RP)Beckenham A&…
9.Paul DeJong(StL – SS)Norwich No II
10.Brandon Workman(Bos – RP)Mighty Slugs

I keep an eye on McCutchen to fill out my OF and the thought of Perez as my second catcher certainly appeals but neither are available. Braun should benefit from time at DH so I opt for him. 

Round 18
1.A.J. Puk(Oak – RP)Mighty Slugs
2.Alex Colomé(CWS – RP)Norwich No II
3.A.J. Pollock(LAD – CF)Beckenham A&…
4.Mike Minor(Tex – SP)Orpington Ea…
5.Zack Wheeler(Phi – SP)Bunting for …
6.Lourdes Gurriel Jr.(Tor – 2B,OF)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Andrew Heaney(LAA – SP)Newcastle Kn…
8.José Leclerc(Tex – SP,RP)The Cheddar …
9.Archie Bradley(Ari – RP)Didsbury Dod…
10.Marco Gonzales(Sea – SP)Richie’s RBI’s

I know I need at least two more SPs and Minor fits the bill here.

Round 19
1.Danny Santana(Tex – 1B,2B,3B,SS,CF)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Joe Jiménez(Det – RP)Didsbury Dod…
3.Mark Melancon(Atl – RP)The Cheddar …
4.Wilson Ramos(NYM – C)Newcastle Kn…
5.Matt Barnes(Bos – RP)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Héctor Neris(Phi – RP)Bunting for …
7.Sean Manaea(Oak – SP)Orpington Ea…
8.Kyle Tucker(Hou – OF)Beckenham A&…
9.Mallex Smith(Sea – CF)Norwich No II
10.Garrett Richards(SD – SP)Mighty Slugs

The final member of my rotation is Manaea. A slight gamble considering his injury but he looked so good on his return last year it makes me think it will be worth it. Now to focus on hitters and filling in my two UT spots as well as CI and MI.

Round 20
1.J.D. Davis(NYM – 3B,OF)Mighty Slugs
2.Alex Verdugo(Bos – CF)Norwich No II
3.Gavin Lux(LAD – 2B)Beckenham A&…
4.Didi Gregorius(Phi – SS)Orpington Ea…
5.Hansel Robles(LAA – RP)Bunting for …
6.Cavan Biggio(Tor – 2B,OF)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Adam Ottavino(NYY – RP)Newcastle Kn…
8.Avisaíl García(Mil – CF)The Cheddar …
9.Jean Segura(Phi – SS)Didsbury Dod…
10.Francisco Mejía(SD – C)Richie’s RBI’s

I had Verdugo and Lux queued up so it’s a massive shame when they go back-to-back. I hope that Didi enjoys himself in Philadelphia and grab him as my MI.

Round 21
1.Edwin Encarnación(CWS – 1B)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Dansby Swanson(Atl – SS)Didsbury Dod…
3.Yuli Gurriel(Hou – 1B,3B)The Cheddar …
4.Dellin Betances(NYM – RP)Newcastle Kn…
5.C.J. Cron(Det – 1B)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Sean Doolittle(Was – RP)Bunting for …
7.Brandon Lowe(TB – 1B,2B,OF)Orpington Ea…
8.Luke Voit(NYY – 1B)Beckenham A&…
9.Nick Senzel(Cin – CF)Norwich No II
10.Dustin May(LAD – SP,RP)Mighty Slugs

To my horror, a bunch of CI options go in Encarnacion, Gurriel and Cron. I think about Voit but Lowe impressed me when I saw him last year and his ability to play 2B and OF is a nice plus as well. Now to find out what he can do in a full season.

Round 22
1.Will Harris(Was – RP)Mighty Slugs
2.Renato Núñez(Bal – 1B,3B)Norwich No II
3.Christian Vázquez(Bos – C,1B)Beckenham A&…
4.Joc Pederson(LAD – 1B,OF)Orpington Ea…
5.Carson Kelly(Ari – C)Bunting for …
6.Yadier Molina(StL – C)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Christian Walker(Ari – 1B)Newcastle Kn…
8.Shin-Soo Choo(Tex – OF)The Cheddar …
9.Rougned Odor(Tex – 2B)Didsbury Dod…
10.J.A. Happ(NYY – SP)Richie’s RBI’s

Pederson’s the top power hitter left and he will do very nicely as my first UT. Probably not a bad idea to get a complementary batter who offers a higher average though…

Round 23
1.Trent Grisham(SD – CF)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Jorge Alfaro(Mia – C)Didsbury Dod…
3.Omar Narváez(Mil – C)The Cheddar …
4.Yoenis Céspedes(NYM – CF)Newcastle Kn…
5.Travis d’Arnaud(Atl – C,1B)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Joe Musgrove(Pit – SP)Bunting for …
7.David Peralta(Ari – OF)Orpington Ea…
8.Sean Murphy(Oak – C)Beckenham A&…
9.Mike Zunino(TB – C)Norwich No II
10.Jake Odorizzi(Min – SP)Mighty Slugs

… which is why I’m happy to select Peralta. Cespedes is a very worthwhile punt for the Knights here. If he can stay fit he should offer some nice pop. Five catchers go this round, and I still need at least one more but I’m happy to wait. I need to get some set-up relievers first.

Round 24
1.Ryan Yarbrough(TB – SP,RP)Mighty Slugs
2.Masahiro Tanaka(NYY – SP)Norwich No II
3.Joey Lucchesi(SD – SP)Beckenham A&…
4.Will Smith(Atl – RP)Orpington Ea…
5.Caleb Smith(Mia – SP)Bunting for …
6.Pedro Báez(LAD – RP)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Hunter Renfroe(TB – OF)Newcastle Kn…
8.Keone Kela(Pit – RP)The Cheddar …
9.Germán Márquez(Col – SP)Didsbury Dod…
10.Craig Stammen(SD – RP)Richie’s RBI’s

It’s hard to know exactly how the Atlanta bullpen will shape up with Melancon, Greene and Smith but at the very least the lefty should provide holds as well as the odd save. I think about Baez and Stammen for the next round but they soon go…

Round 25
1.Emilio Pagán(SD – RP)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Ian Kennedy(KC – RP)Didsbury Dod…
3.Giovanny Gallegos(StL – RP)The Cheddar …
4.Tom Murphy(Sea – C)Newcastle Kn…
5.Kevin Ginkel(Ari – RP)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Matt Carpenter(StL – 3B)Bunting for …
7.Tommy Kahnle(NYY – RP)Orpington Ea…
8.Marcus Stroman(NYM – SP)Beckenham A&…
9.Jose Urquidy(Hou – SP)Norwich No II
10.Ryan McMahon(Col – 1B,2B,3B)Mighty Slugs

… as does Pagan. I opt for Kahnle instead. That leaves me five slots. I need another catcher and some versatility on the bench.

Round 26
1.Ross Stripling(LAD – SP,RP)Mighty Slugs
2.Nomar Mazara(CWS – OF)Norwich No II
3.Brett Gardner(NYY – CF)Beckenham A&…
4.Scott Kingery(Phi – 2B,3B,SS,CF)Orpington Ea…
5.Dylan Bundy(LAA – SP)Bunting for …
6.Starlin Castro(Was – 2B,3B)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Mike Foltynewicz(Atl – SP)Newcastle Kn…
8.Luke Weaver(Ari – SP)The Cheddar …
9.Cole Hamels(Atl – SP)Didsbury Dod…
10.Gio Urshela(NYY – 3B)Richie’s RBI’s

You can’t get much more versatile than Kingery at this point so he’s the perfect candidate to take a bench slot. Nice pick of Stripling here for the Slugs as he should take the rotation spot vacated by Price while Urshela’s a nice late-round pick for the RBIs here.

Round 27
1.Eric Hosmer(SD – 1B)Richie’s RBI’s
2.César Hernández(Cle – 2B)Didsbury Dod…
3.Kolten Wong(StL – 2B)The Cheddar …
4.Nathan Eovaldi(Bos – SP,RP)Newcastle Kn…
5.Eric Thames(Was – 1B,OF)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Nick Solak(Tex – 2B,3B)Bunting for …
7.Kurt Suzuki(Was – C)Orpington Ea…
8.Yonny Chirinos(TB – SP,RP)Beckenham A&…
9.Kevin Newman(Pit – 2B,SS)Norwich No II
10.Mike Fiers(Oak – SP)Mighty Slugs

It’s time to take a second catcher and I’m torn between Roberto Perez’s raw power or Suzuki’s better all-round numbers. I go for Kurt. 

Round 28
1.Sandy Alcantara(Mia – SP)Mighty Slugs
2.Brandon Kintzler(Mia – RP)Norwich No II
3.Aristides Aquino(Cin – OF)Beckenham A&…
4.Jo Adell(LAA – OF)Orpington Ea…
5.Willie Calhoun(Tex – OF)Bunting for …
6.Kyle Seager(Sea – 3B)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Yoshi Tsutsugo(TB – 3B,OF)Newcastle Kn…
8.Garrett Hampson(Col – 2B,SS,CF)The Cheddar …
9.Jon Gray(Col – SP)Didsbury Dod…
10.Rick Porcello(NYM – SP)Richie’s RBI’s

The beauty of taking Kingery earlier means his flexibility allows me to take a bit of a punt. I don’t know if Adell breaks camp with the Angels but I’m sure he’ll play at some point soon, so I take a flier on him.

Round 29
1.Shogo Akiyama(Cin – OF)Richie’s RBI’s
2.Wil Myers(SD – 1B,CF)Didsbury Dod…
3.Austin Riley(Atl – CI,OF)The Cheddar …
4.Joey Votto(Cin – 1B)Newcastle Kn…
5.Daniel Murphy(Col – 1B)Cheshunt Mal…
6.Mitch Keller(Pit – SP)Bunting for …
7.Yandy Díaz(TB – 1B,3B)Orpington Ea…
8.Dylan Carlson(StL – CF)Beckenham A&…
9.Gregory Polanco(Pit – OF)Norwich No II
10.Danny Jansen(Tor – C)Mighty Slugs

Two slots left and ideally I’d like cover at CI and another C. Murphy could well rake as the Colorado DH, but he’ll do so for the Maltsters. I liked what I saw of Diaz last year and the fact he can play 1B and 3B is nice too.

Round 30
1.Drew Pomeranz(SD – SP,RP)Mighty Slugs
2.Brian Anderson(Mia – 3B,OF)Norwich No II
3.Niko Goodrum(Det – 1B,2B,SS,CF)Beckenham A&…
4.Roberto Pérez(Cle – C)Orpington Ea…
5.Nate Pearson(Tor – SP)Bunting for …
6.Corey Dickerson(Mia – OF)Cheshunt Mal…
7.Mike Yastrzemski(SF – OF)Newcastle Kn…
8.Teoscar Hernández(Tor – CF)The Cheddar …
9.Adrian Houser(Mil – SP,RP)Didsbury Dod…
10.Jarrod Dyson(Pit – CF)Richie’s RBI’s

Perez is still available so he becomes my third catcher and final choice, meaning I have multiple options at every position. When Dyson is selected we have drafted 300 players in about 70 minutes. Rapid.

Looking back at my team, I’m really pleased with how the draft went. There’s lots of power and although I only have two guys who knocked in 100 or more last year and one .300 hitter the overall depth of the roster should keep me competitive in most categories most weeks. The rotation may not have a star name but has nice depth to it. If Castillo, Gray and the Reds do as well as I think they will this year I should be well placed. Ohtani as an SP is a risk if he struggles to shake off the rust. Happy with the closer duo and set-up pair.

Team-by-team summary

RBIs: Infield provides more power than you think it would. Boom or bust OF depending on whether Judge or Stanton can stay healthy. Nice top of rotation in Kershaw and Paxton and plenty of HLD but may require more SV and an upgrade to back of rotation.

Dodgers: Plenty of pop and two young stars in Bichette and Vlad Jr. May require a bit more thump from UT spots. Pitching staff could be dangerous if Urias starts all year and Montas stays healthy.

Chasers: Should have one of the most productive OF in the league plus plenty of pop elsewhere. Nice 1-2 punch of Scherzer and Clevinger but will rest of rotation damage WHIP? May need more SV.

Knights: That’s a stacked lineup with lots of pop, but will Renfroe and Davis drag average down? Shedloads of SV here too which makes them a threat to do well in ERA and WHIP.

Maltsters: Serious HR and RBI bats although not much speed. We’ll see where Puig ends up too. Three very good SP but no others. Just one closer. Shedloads of holds. May need to add rotation depth to make sure of reaching weekly 20-inning minimum limit.

Bunting for Britain: Plenty of speed and power. Only one bench hitter though. Saves certainly won’t be a problem but the back of the rotation may damage ERA.

A&E Dept: Like the IF but OF lacking power and RBIs. Incredible SP depth and the top closer in my view. Could use more SV and has no HLD but the SP depth makes for perfect trade bait.

Norwich: Another boom or bust OF which may be light on power but could well prove me wrong if Senzel and Verdugo make the most of their playing time. Loads of quality SP which means they should be tough to beat in WHIP but may need more than one closer and one set-up reliever.

Slugs: Could well lead the league in HR and RBI. Not much speed and no bench bats though. Should just about be OK for SV and HLD. Counting on Kluber to get back to his best but rotation might be sneaky good in ERA and WHIP, particularly if Puk, Luzardo and May make an impact.

That concludes the 2020 draft summary. Now to find out who wins this sprint to the playoffs.

How to get your MLB fix during the coronavirus close-down

The official announcement on Thursday that MLB’s Opening Day, plus Great Britain’s World Baseball Classic qualifier in Arizona, would be postponed was as sad as it was inevitable.

Few can doubt the necessity of the decision given the frightening escalation of the coronavirus pandemic across the globe this week. Outdoor mass gatherings of people may not necessarily have a huge impact on the spread of the disease, but logic suggests it will have some impact and it simply doesn’t seem right to accept the risk for the sake of playing a game.

However, we all know that describing baseball, football, cricket or whatever other sport you follow as ‘only a game’ does it a great disservice. Who wins or loses doesn’t really matter in the end, despite at times it seeming to matter more than anything, but the sport as a whole means a huge amount to millions of people. As I tweeted earlier on Saturday:

MLB is unlikely to get going again until May at the earliest and that will feel like an eternity, not least because so many other parts of our daily lives are going to be affected in the weeks and months ahead too. It’s at times like this that we all need to support each other, as friends, families, work colleagues and as an online community.

Tim Collins, the baseball commentator who does such a great job covering games in Europe, immediately stepped up with an act of kindness that we can all appreciate.

The Reddit thread that Tim mentioned can be found here.

It says a lot about MLB’s maddeningly inconsistent approach to online content that I read this with only cautious optimism, fearing that this may have been something that MLB had done in the past but then closed down.

Thankfully I can confirm (at time of writing!) that is not the case.

The first place to bookmark is the MLB Vault: . Click on the videos tab and you’ll find a sweet shop (candy store, if you prefer) full of treats, predominantly games from the last 20 years but some classic play-off games and historic performances (such as Tom Seaver’s 1978 no-hitter) from earlier too. The number of Japanese titled games (generally involving Ichiro) show it’s not something MLB really markets to its core US audience, and therefore not something they put much time into, but sometimes MLB not paying close attention to something actually works out better for us!

The bulk of the Reddit thread reveals that since 2009 games have been fed through MLB’s range of YouTube channels, the current one being, and that you can find them so long as you follow the thread’s guidance on how to search for them.

As the Reddit thread notes, not all games are available, but the vast majority are. For obvious reasons, current season games are never available this way as you can (and definitely should) buy an MLB.TV subscription to watch those live and on-demand. A quick bit of searching suggests games are there up to 2018, so we’ll have to wait and see when the 2019 ones become available.

Looking through it all, I still can’t shake the feeling that it is too good to be true and MLB will suddenly come along and take them away; however, even MLB wouldn’t be crazy enough to do that during this pandemic period. Hopefully, anyway!

Watching back on-demand games isn’t quite the same as live, of course, but it’s still lots of fun baseball to enjoy. That’s especially the case if you are part of the ‘Baseball on 5’ generation like me and became hooked on the sport in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Sure, watching some of those classic World Series games loses something without it cutting back to Jonny and Josh (or Todd or Dave) in their tuxedos at 3am, yet going back and seeing those games again is going to be a whole lot of fun.

In fact, as I type this, the idea of doing some live watch-backs, plus maybe some shorter reaction videos, for the A’s UK YouTube channel, sounds like a good one. Keep an eye on my Twitter account for details soon.

Playing or going to watch baseball games isn’t worth risking a life over, but the joy we get from baseball is one of the many things that makes life worth living.


UPDATE: 15 March. MLB is getting into the spirit of things by making a classic game for every MLB team available to watch for free. The article about it links into the MLB Vault channel so that bodes well for them not getting rid of it any time soon.