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Baseball’s back!

by Matt Smith

Finally, we are back into the swing of the Major League season. Despite the massive amount of anticipation, there was no danger that it would be an anti-climax.

And so it proved. These opening games highlighted the drama of baseball. Unfortunately for me, it has turned out to be a bit of a tragicomedy. I decided to wake up early this morning (06:00) so that I could catch the last half-hour or so of Oakland's opening match-up against the Yankees on MLB.TV. I booted up the PC. Opened my web browser. Selected my MLB.com bookmark. And then saw that we were 15-1 down (sadly rubbing the sleep out of my eyes didn't change it either)! Not the greatest way to start your day. Still, the best thing about baseball is that you can always get your revenge the next day. Rich Harden will be on the mound tonight/tomorrow morning, and hopefully when I wake up tomorrow it will be different.

The Opening Night game on Sunday was a washout on Five, although at least this gave Jonny and Josh the chance to discuss lots of the off-season topics (and get in plenty of plugs for Fantasy Baseball UK). On the previous day, I had posted about Fantasy Baseball and I highlighted how strange I thought it was for people to talk about injuries to players purely from the "Fantasy Owner's" point of view. I didn't find it so strange when I cursed at the TV screen as C.C. Sabathia walked off the field (and on to the 15 day DL) having gained me a measly eight points!

Early setbacks aside, I couldn't be happier that the baseball season is off and running at last. The MLB Rewind show (presented by "our" David Lengel) is a neat addition to MLB.com and I'm sure I will watch it most days to catch up on the best action. I don't think I will be watching the condensed "highlights" of the A's opening game though!

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