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Oakland A’s 2019 Spring Schedule

by Matt Smith

We’re now less than a week away from Spring Training games beginning.

The Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners will be out on the field in Arizona next Thursday (21st), so it’s a good time to publish the A’s spring schedule, mentioned on my latest A’s UK video.

One thing to bear in mind, whether an A’s fan or not, is that the U.S. moves to daylight time three weeks before we do. An hour is added to clocks on Sunday 10th in the U.S. so from that point to Sunday 31st (when we move to British Summer Time) the usual time difference (5 hours ahead of Eastern Time, 8 hours ahead of Pacific Time) is reduced by one hour.

So here’s the schedule. It covers the Cactus League games, the games in Japan and the the Bay Area series, up to MLB Opening Day.

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micc February 23, 2019 - 12:14 pm

a bit off topic but in time for spring training and for anybody who is interested – i have just received my copy of Lindy’s 2019 pro baseball guide from Newsstand.co.uk but they still have a few copies left (not a plug as maybe other sources)
Have noticed there seems to be a longer then normal waiting time on Baseball Prospectus at the moment on Amazon although the Kindle version seems cheaper then other years (but which can be a bit fiddly)


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