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Early MLB games this week: Action by the dozen

by Matt Smith

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought many of the series over the weekend just gone were played with an added intensity.  The results of Red Sox-Yankees and Dodgers-Braves series and their like won’t determine anything just yet as there is still so much baseball to be played.  However, every win and loss is starting to take on a little extra significance. 

There are twelve early games over the coming working week, with games between Dodgers and Giants, Tigers and Red Sox and Phillies and Cubs taking centre stage.  All times are in BST. 

Monday 10 August

There are ten games today, but none are set to begin before midnight.  In the later games, the top match-up on paper is Dodgers-Giants at AT&T Park.  Their fierce rivalry spans decades and both sides of the States and their current battle at the top of the NL West adds even more meaning to the game.  Kuroda and Sanchez are the probable pitchers with first pitch due at 03.15.  Elsewhere, Rick van den Hurk takes the mound for the Marlins against the Astros (00.10), while the Red Sox are back at home after a tough series in New York.  They face Edwin Jackson and the Tigers at 00.10.

Tuesday 11 August

It’s all night games once again tomorrow.  There is a full schedule of games in the early hours, including a Tommy Hanson start for the Braves against the Nationals (midnight), Roy Oswalt returning to the mound for the Astros against the Marlins (00.10), the Rays’ David Price taking on the Angels (03.05) and the start of a big series between the Phillies and Cubs (01.05).

Wednesday 12 August

18.05. Blue Jays @ Yankees – Romero (10-5), Burnett (10-5)
18.35. A’s @ Orioles – Mazzaro (3-8), Berken (2-9)
20.35. Rays @ Angels – Niemann (10-5), TBD
20.40. Mets @ D-Backs – Perez (2-3), Garland (6-10)
20.45. Dodgers @ Giants – TBD, Lincecum (12-3)

Our first evening of live action offers five decent games.  A.J. Burnett has been the pick of the Yankee pitchers this season since he opted out of his Blue Jays contract over the offseason.  Toronto’s Ricky Romero has equaled Burnett’s 10-5 record so far this year and would further enhance his reputation among Blue Jays fans if he can beat A.J. and the Yankees in this game.

The A’s and O’s are playing out their seasons by giving youngsters a chance to gain experience at the Major League level.  Both of the starters in this game have just broken long win-less streaks.  Vin Mazzaro had picked up eight losses in a row prior to his win against the Royals last time out; Jason Berken had a string of nine losing decisions before winning his second Major League game in his most recent start.  In contrast, Jeff Niemann has already picked up ten wins for the Rays in his first full season.  Wins haven’t been so easy to come by for both the Mets and D-Backs.

The final early game gives us a chance to look in on the Dodgers-Giants series and there’s no better time to do so with reigning Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum toeing the rubber for the Giants.

Thursday 13 August

17.05. Rangers @ Indians – Feldman (11-4), Sowers (4-7)
18.10. Royals @ Twins – Bannister (7-8), TBD
18.35. Tigers @ Red Sox – TBD, TBD
19.05. Padres @ Brewers – Carrilo (0-0), Parra (7-8)
19.20. Phillies @ Cubs – Blanton (7-6), Dempster (6-5)
20.10. Pirates @ Rockies – Maholm (6-6), Jimenez (9-9)

We’ve got another six early games on ‘getaway’ Thursday.  The leading match-up is Phillies-Cubs, with Tigers-Red Sox running it close.  Blanton and Dempster have had solid seasons so far.  That’s as expected for Blanton who now has Lee and Hamels leading the Phillies’ rotation, but the Cubs will be looking for more out of Dempster, particuarly with Carlos Zambrano hitting the DL.  The probable pitchers haven’t been announced yet for the Tigers-Red Sox game, although it’s sure to be a good contest whoever takes the mound.  

Friday 14 August

19.20. Pirates @ Cubs – TBD, TBD

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been able to enjoy a Friday evening game from Wrigley Field.  The home team will see this series as a good chance to pick up some wins in their fight for the NL Central.

All the above games can be followed via various resources on MLB.com (Gameday, Gameday Audio and MLB.tv), while ESPN America’s MLB schedule can be found here.

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Matt Smith August 14, 2009 - 4:50 pm


Starters for tonight’s Pirates-Cubs game are Charlie Morton and Randy Wells.


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