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Baseball history in the north of England

by Joe Gray

Cobb (128x128)For some time the work I have been involved in for Project Cobb has mainly focused on baseball’s history in southern England, in part owing to my residence in the south-east corner of the country, which has meant that many of my “baseball contacts” are also from this region. However, while the focal point of the sport is currently in this area of Britain, other locales have been boom areas for baseball in years gone by. Merseyside has had an exceptionally strong presence at certain points in history, as has Yorkshire. Indeed, for many seasons Hull was the centre of the British baseball world, being the home of administrative operations and several dominant teams.

I am thus very grateful for some recent contacts I have made, which has allowed Project Cobb’s coverage to begin to properly address baseball’s history in key northern centres. Right now I’d just like to thank those people who have recently lent help to Project Cobb’s coverage of this area:

  • Graham Rumble has sent through numerous excellent photos and historical snippets concerning Hull baseball in the 1960s.
  • Mark Vickers very kindly posted a CD-ROM with a large number of scans of baseball photos and other artefacts from Hull (and GB) baseball in the 1990s.
  • Norman Angell sent through the wonderful story of Reckitts Robins, a Hull-based team of the 1950s.
  • George Price has provided much material relating to Merseyside baseball, including the Liverpool Caledonians (his father, David Price, managed this team and, beyond that, chaired the Merseyside league and also served as baseball commissioner).
  • Finally, Martin Bass is doing some fascinating research into baseball’s history in Bradford.

If anyone reading this has information to share on baseball history in northern England (or any other part of Britain), please get in touch with me through the “Get in contact” page or leave a comment below.

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dawn October 20, 2018 - 7:31 pm

I have one old photo of my dad and his brother with a medal from the 1940 ‘s would love to know if there are any more photos or even just info




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