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MLB.TV 2007 improvements

by Matt Smith

As a follow up to my post from yesterday, Maury Brown at his Biz of Baseball site has reported that the video feeds for MLB.TV will be improved for the 2007 season.  The game video that has previously been streamed between 350 and 400kps will now be streamed at 700kps instead.  Maury raises this point in relation to the DirecTV saga that I mentioned yesterday.  With access to the MLB Extra Innings package potentially being restricted, MLB will no doubt be looking to entice even more baseball fans to their online subscription service.  They will have a hard time doing this if they alienate the potential new recruits though.  The latest news being reported by ESPN is that Senator John Kerry is going to take up the issue with the Federal Communications Committee.

As for MLB.TV, they generally release full details of the new season package at the end of February (i.e. after people have bought their Spring Training package!).  The 2006 price for the full All Access package was $100 (£60) and if the streaming/picture quality is improved then paying a bit extra won’t be much of a hardship.

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