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There’s a circus in the town …

by Matt Smith

The 2007 Barry Bonds show has officially started, with MLB.com stating that he has reported to the Giants’ training camp today.  Reading the bit about him joking with Barry Zito made me feel a bit queasy!

Most of Bonds’ career has been extraordinary, but 2007 could potentially top the lot.  There is already a lot of tension in the baseball world with the apparent inevitability that Bonds will go past Hank Aaron’s home run record in the near future.  Every home run he hits will increase the tension a little bit more.  Many column inches have been devoted to speculation on what Bud Selig will do if/when Bonds reaches the milestone.  There’s no doubt that it will be a very uncomfortable season for Bud and whatever he does will probably result in him taking a load of flak (not that I mind seeing Selig squirm).

You would hope as a baseball fan that the Bonds saga will not overshadow the many other great stories that 2007 will throw up , but maybe that’s being optimistic.  Bonds is probably going to make history and reach an important baseball milestone, yet few will be able to enjoy it.

I think many people (probably including Bonds himself) just want to get it over with and that sums up what a sad situation it is.

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