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Brew View: The Milwaukee Miracle

by Mark Baker

So, I’m away ‘from the desk’ for about a month and it all changes. After my last piece lamenting the Brewers’ apparent lack of steam after the half-time break, they seem to have… re-steamed themselves? OK, enough metaphor stretching for the moment.

Brewers vs Pirates

The Brewers have almost cemented their first place lead in the NL Central and the second half of the season is truly in full swing.
I say almost because, if I were to be neutral, it really is still too close to call. The Cards are only a couple of series sweeps behind. But hey, I’m not neutral and it’s Wisconsin vs Pennsylvania again. We all remember how that turned out in the Super Bowl (or at least those of us who follow more than one American sport do.)
With the Pirates bobbing about at the bottom of the barrel this should prove to be a no-brainer. In fact, they went from the top of the division almost to the bottom in the space of less than two weeks. Ouch.

Nursing a full stomach (pizza + ale = indigestion. Who knew?) I’ll sit back and let the action begin. Ah, as good as some ‘vacation’ time was, it’s good to have baseball on the screen again.

As a side note: it still pleases me to meet State-siders in my day-to-day wanderings, especially when they are quite obviously fans of the pastime. Today I had a short but sweet conversation with a girl and her mom about the Phillies success this season. If we’re going to ‘go there’ (and you know we will) I’d have to venture the Philsters as a definite favourite for NL pennant. But then, who could say otherwise?

Let battle commence!

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Matt Smith August 14, 2011 - 7:46 pm

Hi Mark – The Brewers are having a great season. You would bet on them making it to October and once they are there, they have the pieces to go on a run.


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