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U.S. Time change

by Matt Smith

Just a quick reminder for British fans that Daylight Saving Time (DST) in America and Canada takes effect from midnight tonight. Previously this has started on the first Sunday of April, but it will now be the second Sunday of March. This means that for the next two weeks (until we shift to British Summer Time on Sunday 25 March), the time difference will be reduced by an hour.

So from tomorrow (Sunday) to get the British start time for games listed with a Eastern Time (ET) start add 4 hours, add 5 hours for a start time listed on Central Time (CT), and 7 hours for Pacific Time (PT).  For example:



We will then revert back to the 5 hour/6 hour/ 8 hour difference when we put our clocks forward an hour in time for games on Sunday 25 March.  From this date you can refer to a time list in my previous post, “Tales of Time Conversion”, from April last year.

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