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Air conditioning tips, anyone?!

by Matt Smith

Would you go to a baseball blog to find out about air conditioning? Didn’t think so. You probably wouldn’t expect to hear about air conditioning during a baseball broadcast either, but put this down as yet another unique quirk of Spring Training. I’m currently watching the A’s take on the Rangers and have just been treated to a half-inning discussion all about how to be energy efficient with your air conditioning (useful to a Texas native, not such a burning issue for me). The great thing about it was the sheer delight in the guy’s voice when he started mentioning that being energy efficient was now the “in” thing. You kind of got the feeling that he had spent years being the “energy saddo” and now all of a sudden he has become trendy. He seemed like a nice enough bloke, so good for him!

If your interest has been raised, take a look at Reliant Energy’s website (not that they plugged the company’s name much during the segment of course) . I think I’ve learned more than enough about air conditioning today already, thanks very much!

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