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Verlander, Kershaw, then Marlins-Giants

by Matt Smith

Every day except for Tuesday offers some U.K. evening baseball this working week.

There’s a fairly important Premier League game being played on Monday evening, but before that there’s a game between the Marlins and D-Backs to get the sporting evening started. It’s the final game of a four-game series, with Arizona heading into it with a 2-1 lead.

Ricky Romero starts off a day of strong starting pitching on Wednesday. The Royals may be like lambs to the slaughter against Justin Verlander judging by his career record against them (2.37 ERA, 127 strike-outs over 133 innings), while the Rockies could face a similarly tough time against Clayton Kershaw.

There’s a decent mix of games on Thursday.  Nat Coombs and Josh Chetwynd will be on air on BBC 5 Live Sports Extra once a women’s water polo game between Great Britain and Australia is finished (scheduled to be around 21.15, meaning they will be coming to the Marlins-Giants game in progress if so). The MLB game will be the fourth sport of the day on the digital station, with hockey and county cricket also getting some air time as the Beeb lives up to its public service remit.

The Cubs host the Dodgers on Friday evening UK time to provide the perfect baseball-related start to the the Bank Holiday weekend.

All times are in BST.

Monday 30 April

17.40. Arizona at Miami (Corbin – Buehrle) *ESPN America

Tuesday 1 May

No early games

Wednesday 2 May

17.37. Texas at Toronto (Harrison – Romero)
18.05. Kansas City at Detroit (Mendoza – Verlander)
19.05. NY Mets at Houston (Schwinden – Rodriguez) *ESPN America
20.10. LA Dodgers at Colorado (Kershaw – Pomeranz)
23.35. Milwaukee at San Diego (Gallardo – Luebke)

Thursday 3 May

17.10. Philadelphia at Atlanta (Blanton – Delgado) *ESPN America
17.35. Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati (Dempster – Leake)
18.10. Seattle at Tampa Bay (Millwood – Niemann) *MLB.com Free Game of the Day
18.45. Pittsburgh at St. Louis (Bedard – Westbrook)
20.45. Miami at San Francisco (Sanchez – Vogelsong) *BBC 5 Live Sports Extra (21.15)

Friday 4 May

19.20. LA Dodgers at Chicago Cubs (Billingsley – Garza) *ESPN America

All of these games are available to watch live via the MLB.TV subscription at MLB.com.  The early games being shown on ESPN America are highlighted above, while the full ESPN/ESPN America schedule can be found on their website.  BBC 5 Live Sports Extra can be found on digital radio, digital TV and on the BBC.co.uk website (coverage on the website is only available to UK residents). The complete schedule for this week’s MLB games can be found on MLB.com.

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