Baseball Mercury web archive launched

The British baseball publication Baseball Mercury was edited by baseball historian William Morgan from 1972 until 1989. Fifty-one issues were produced in all, and the publication’s scope covers both domestic and international baseball, as well as softball.

Its coverage includes articles on baseball in Britian going back to the 19th Century (it is William Morgan’s records of National Champions that today’s official list is based on), and there are few more valuable resources for people carrying out research into the history of the game in Britain.

One project that has drawn extensively on the Baseball Mercury is the Great Britain National Team year-by-year history, available here.

William Morgan has kindly agreed to let Project Cobb make Baseball Mercury freely available on the internet. The archive can be found here. There are a handful of issues missing from the archive, but every effort will be made to obtain these and make them available as well. 

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