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Nine Aces and a Joker: Purchasing information and details of first review

by Joe Gray

Nine Aces and a Joker: Defining seasons from British baseball’s standout pitchers was published by Project COBB several weeks back and is available both in print and as a Kindle eBook. Copies of the print version will be on sale for £12 at all three days of the National Baseball Championships, at Hemel Hempstead, this coming Bank Holiday weekend (come and see me if you would like to purchase one — I’ll be glued to the action on the newer diamond).

What about the Villa?: Forgotten figures from Britain’s pro baseball league of 1890, the first book to come out of Project COBB, will also be on sale (at a price of £10 when bought individually or for just £6 when bought in addition to Nine Aces and a Joker). This is also available in print via the publisher’s website.

First review now out

While, ordinarily, Matt Smith or I would be eager to review a book of this nature, in this instance — as we have both contributed chapters — we could not do so impartially. However, review copies have been sent to various outlets, and the race to get the first review up was won by tireless British baseball online commentator Michael Jones. His review, published by the UK Amercian Sports Fans website, can be found at this URL:


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