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Live baseball this week

by Matt Smith

One of the many little things I’m adding to this site is a weekly highlights schedule of live matches to watch in the evening over here in GB. Once again, apologies to those of you unable to watch MLB.tv, I know this is rubbing it in! I guess I should add the standard disclaimer that the schedules and probable pitching matchups were correct at time of writing. With all of the games being postponed over the weekend due to bad weather, it’s difficult to be certain who will be pitching when this week.

My MLB.TV highlights for the upcoming week (all times are BST):

Today at 15.05

The weather has been dreadful in the Boston area over the weekend so it’s possible this will be postponed. Josh Beckett should be pitching against Ervin Santana if it goes ahead. Jered Weaver was scheduled to make his 2007 debut in this one but that has now been put back. It’s a 10.05 start in Boston, hence the unusual weekday afternoon start time for us.

Tuesday at 19.20

Greg Maddux pitching at Wrigley Field for the Padres against the Cubbies.

Wednesday at 20.35

John Lackey and the Angels against Danny Haren and the A’s. (EDIT-updated as Lackey is now confirmed as the Angels’ pitcher)

Thursday at 17.37

The Red Sox and the Blue Jays do battle in Canada. Doc Halladay should start for Toronto although, because of their weekend rainouts, it now looks like Julian Taveras will take the mound for Boston instead of Curt Schilling as originally planned.

Friday at 19.20

Those of you wanting to stay in and watch live baseball on a Friday evening this week can watch the Cards facing the Cubs.

Plus of course there will be a game on Five on Wednesday night (not sure who yet) and the MLB schedule on NASN this week can be found here.

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Drood April 17, 2007 - 3:40 am

Funny you should do this. I was thinking “You know, it’d be cool if they’d pick a game or two and make that their
“game of the week” or something, and here you are, doing pretty much what I thought:)

Dumped MLB.TV for a bit. Finances are bad, so I need to make sure the cheque I’m expecting shows up on Friday. THEN I can get MLB.TV back.

I like the new site BTW:)

Matt April 17, 2007 - 7:07 am

Thanks Drood. I was inspired by the frustration of missing good games in the evening over here because I forgot to check if there was anything on (or worked out the time difference incorrectly in advance!). Generally MLB.TV send an e-mail to subscribers listing the games to be shown during the week and pick out a “Game of the Week”, although I didn’t receive one this week (unless I deleted it). Obviously this lists the start times in ET, so I thought it would be nice to have a British equivalent.

Hope you can get back to enjoying “too much” baseball soon.

Drood April 18, 2007 - 8:16 am

Ironically my account is still working, despite me cancelling it… (Saw the pizza incident on Monday.) Not sure if it’s a glitch, or what… So I’ll rely on that until it gets shut down I guess. Then I’ll buy it:)

I haven’t received a “game of the week” email. All I get is endless spam for MLB merchandise.


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