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MLB.TV free preview on Sunday

by Matt Smith

Baseball fans who have considered signing up to MLB.TV are being given an excellent chance to try out the service on Sunday.

There are 14 games starting before midnight U.K. time and all of them are available to watch for free on MLB.TV, MLB.com’s subscription service offering HD video and audio feeds for every single game of the MLB season.

Sky have contacted many existing ESPN America subscribers this week telling them that their ESPN subscription will expire on 31 July, as MLB coverage moves to the new BT Sports bundle on 1 August. The one-day free preview therefore comes at a perfect time to try out the MLB.TV service and how well it will work on your broadband set-up.

MLB.com normally offers one ‘Free Game of the Day’ every day via their MLB.TV service too, if you cannot take advantage of Sunday’s free preview.

Further details about the MLB.TV subscription offerings can be found here alongside plenty of helpful comments from Brits passing on their own experiences of using the subscription through various devices.

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Michael May 5, 2013 - 1:41 pm


Do you have a definitive source for MLB coverage moving to BT Sport on 1 August?

Matt Smith May 5, 2013 - 3:14 pm

See the ‘What is happening with ESPN?’ tab on the BT Sports FAQ page:


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