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Early MLB games: Opening Week

by Matt Smith

CovMLBUK2014As the new season begins, so does my weekly round-up of the games scheduled to begin before midnight U.K. time.

For the initiated, every Monday I put together a list of the ‘early’ games for the coming working week. The idea is that these pre-midnight games are the easiest for us to watch live from the U.K. and therefore knowing who is playing and when helps you to keep up with the jam-packed season.

All times are listed in BST with a note to show if the game is going to be broadcast on U.K. TV (normally meaning ESPN, although BT Sport do show the occasional post-midnight game). Additionally every day MLB.com selects one game that will be available to watch for free via their online MLB.TV service and this indicated on the list as well (if it is one of the early games).

All games are available to either watch online with an MLB.TV subscription, or you can listen to them via the MLB At-Bat app and MLB.com’s Gameday Audio service. Full details on the 2014 MLB.TV subscription packages can be found here. Sadly it looks like there isn’t going to be any BBC Radio coverage this season.

As it’s Opening Week, there is a bumper crop of day-games taking place in the States, making them pre-midnight starts for us in the U.K.

Monday 31 March

18:00 Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh – Samardzija vs Liriano *ESPN
18:08 Kansas City at Detroit – Shields vs Verlander *MLB.com Free Game
18:10 Washington at NY Mets – Strasburg vs Gee
19:05 Philadelphia at Texas – Lee vs Scheppers
19:10 Atlanta at Milwaukee – Teheran vs Gallardo
20:00 Boston at Baltimore – Lester vs Tillman
21:00 St. Louis at Cincinnati – Wainwright vs Cueto *ESPN
21:10 Minnesota at Chicago White Sox – Nolasco vs Sale
21:10 Toronto at Tampa Bay – Dickey vs Price

Tuesday 1 April

23:40 LA Dodgers at San Diego – Greinke vs Kennedy *MLB.com Free Game

Wednesday 2 April

18:08 Kansas City at Detroit – Vargas vs Scherzer
18:10 Atlanta at Milwaukee – Harang vs Peralta *MLB.com Free Game, ESPN
19:10 Minnesota at Chicago White Sox – Correia vs Paulino
20:35 Cleveland at Oakland – McAllister vs Chavez

Thursday 3 April

17:35 St. Louis at Cincinnati – Lynn vs Bailey *MLB.com Free Game
17:35 Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh – Hammel vs Rodriguez
17:40 Colorado at Miami – Nicasio vs Turner
18:08 Kansas City at Detroit – Ventura vs Sanchez
18:10 Washington at NY Mets – Zimmermann vs Wheeler *ESPN
19:10 Minnesota at Chicago White Sox – Hughes vs Quintana
20:40 San Francisco at Arizona – Lincecum vs Arroyo *ESPN

Friday 4 April

18:05 Atlanta at Washington – TBA vs Roark
18:08 Baltimore at Detroit – Gonzalez vs Porcello
19:05 Milwaukee at Boston – Garza vs Peavy
19:20 Philadelphia at Chicago Cubs – Hernandez vs Wood
20:05 Minnesota at Cleveland – Pelfrey vs Salazar
21:10 Chicago White Sox at Kansas City – Johnson vs Guthrie
21:10 San Francisco at LA Dodgers – Vogelsong vs TBA
21:10 Arizona at Colorado – Delgado vs Morales


All of these games are available to watch live via the MLB.TV subscription at MLB.com. The early games being shown on ESPN are highlighted above. The complete schedule for this week’s MLB games can be found on MLB.com

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Darren March 31, 2014 - 9:41 pm

Hi Matt,

Do you know why the early Cubs v Pirates game was streamed live on the BT Sport app but the second game featuring Cincinnati has been blocked?


Matt Smith March 31, 2014 - 10:10 pm

Hi Darren. Good question! As far as I was aware, BT Sport wouldn’t be streaming any games via their app. Sadly may be that the first one being shown was the aberration. Worth keeping an eye on

Darren April 1, 2014 - 4:32 pm

BT Sport show live NBA games on their app and so I assumed it would be the same for MLB as well. So you can imagine my surprise when the second of yesterday’s games was blocked after I had watched the first.

The app was showing the re-run of the Marlins game today so maybe it’s just live feeds or certain teams that are blocked?


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