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Fantasy update

by Matt Smith

Once again, my fantasy season is rumbling along quietly in the background. I like being involved in a competition, but I find it difficult to get too wrapped-up in it. I’ve ordered a paperback copy of Sam Walker’s “Fantasyland”, so maybe reading that will encourage me to take a deeper interest. More likely it will put even more distance between hardcore fantasy fanatics and myself, a part-timer at best. It’s meant to be an entertaining read though so I’m looking forward to its arrival through the letterbox any day soon.

Despite my modest level of interest, I still find myself going through a few of the standard Fantasy emotions.

This time last week I was reading about B.J. Upton’s minor injury that reportedly would only keep him out of action for a couple of days. I decided not to trade him out of my line-up and then he was put on the D.L. As I don’t currently have any bench players, that’s one spot in my line-up that has been producing nothing more than zeroes for the past week. Considering Upton was such a steal price-wise, I’m probably going to have to be a bit creative when making my changes this weekend.

I’ve also lived through the frustration that has been Matt Cain’s 2007 so far (as much as an A’s fan can be frustrated by a Giants pitcher not winning, anyway). He’s not pitching poorly, as his 3.31 ERA shows, but due to some bad luck and a lack of run support he has only been left with a 2-6 record. Hopefully he can start turning things around tonight, although it will be a tough task against Dice-K and the Red Sox. As Matsuzaka is also in my Fantasy rotation, at least one of my guys won’t be able to get a win tonight.

Knowing my luck, both will get knocked out early and finish with a pair of no decisions!

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