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Is MLB heading to London in 2016?

by Matt Smith

Sadly the lack of TV and radio coverage of MLB in the UK this past season meant that we didn’t hear much from ace broadcaster Josh Chetwynd. However, with one off-season tweet he was able to create plenty of excitement among British baseball fans.

The pessimist in me worried that it might be too good to be true, but Matt Crawshaw quickly allayed those fears with confirmation that #MLBLondon is a definite possibility.

In response to the news, I’ve written a blog for the Huffington Post going into a bit more detail about a potential visit to London by MLB, following up on the tremendous success experienced by the NFL on these shores.

The Netherlands and Italy have been the two countries most frequently touted as a potential European destination for MLB and they are likely still the frontrunners. A trip to London in 2016 is only a possibility, but it’s wonderful news nonetheless as it reinforces previous reports that MLB is serious about coming over to Europe.

I don’t need to explain to anybody visiting this website just how exciting it would be to have MLB games played in London. And if the worst case scenario is a road trip to the Netherlands instead, count me in!

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Joe Gray November 24, 2014 - 3:40 pm

Great job getting that on the Huffington Post.



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