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MLB this Week: 22 early games to enjoy

by Matt Smith

CovMLBUK2014Apologies for not getting to post the weekly update on Monday as I normally would. That was Memorial Day in the States in any case so 10 of the 15 MLB games were played during the daytime to enjoy.

We’ve got a good group of games over the rest of the working week too that start before midnight UK time.

Wednesday offers us eleven early games to choose from, whilst the White Sox and Orioles are playing a double-header on Thursday and the Kansas City Royals take on the Cubs at Wrigley on Friday.

All times are in BST.

Monday 25 May

18.05. Royals at Yankees
18.10. Rockies at Reds
18.10. Phillies at Mets
18.35. Astros at Orioles
19.10. Red Sox at Twins
19.10. Giants at Brewers
19.20. Nationals at Cubs
21.05. Tigers at A’s
21.10. Rangers at Indians
21.15. D-Backs at Cardinals

Tuesday 26 May

No early games

Wednesday 27 May

17:10. Rangers at Indians (Lewis (4-2) – Carrasco (5-4))
17:35. Rockies at Reds (Kendrick (1-6) – Leake (2-3))
17:35. Marlins at Pirates (TBA – Cole (6-2)) *ESPN
17:37. White Sox at Blue Jays (Samardzija (4-2) – Estrada (1-3))
18:05. Royals at Yankees (Young (4-0) – Pineda (5-2))
18:10. Red Sox at Twins (Porcello (4-3) – Hughes (3-4))
18:10. Phillies at Mets (O’Sullivan (1-3) – Syndergaard (1-2))
18:10. Mariners at Rays (Hernandez (7-1) – Archer (5-4)) *MLB.com Free Game
18:40. Giants at Brewers (Vogelsong (3-2) – TBA)
20:35. Tigers at A’s (Simon (5-2) – Kazmir (2-3)) *ESPN
21:35. Astros at Orioles (McHugh (5-2) – Jimenez (3-3))

Thursday 28 May

18:05. White Sox at Orioles (Sale (3-2) – TBA)

Friday 29 May

21:05. Royals at Cubs (TBA – Arrieta (4-4)) *ESPN

All of these games are available to watch or listen to live via an MLB.TV subscription. TV coverage of MLB comes courtesy of the BT Sport and ESPN channels and these are highlighted above, as are any games that are available to view online for free via MLB.com. The above list of games just shows those starting before midnight UK time. The full schedule of MLB games can be found on MLB.com.

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