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Counting down the days to Spring Training

by Matt Smith

We are now less than three weeks away from the MLB Spring Training games beginning.

Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, Detroit, NY Mets, NY Yankees, Philadelphia and San Francisco all play their first full Spring Training game (i.e. against another MLB team rather than a university side) on Friday 24 Februaury, with the rest of the teams getting going the following day.

It tends to be that the start and end of pre-season are when the games are worth a look.

The start of spring merits attention because even a casual pre-season friendly (in British sporting parlance) scratches the baseball itch after nearly four months without any MLB games.

The end of Spring Training offers games between close to full strength teams, wrapped up in the anticipation of the ‘real’ action being about to begin.

The two or three weeks of games between those two points usually are less than enticing; however this year we have the excitement of the World Baseball Classic to more than cover the gap.

It won’t be long before stateside baseball is here again and in the meantime the Australian League Championship Series takes place between 8-12 February and can be seen online.

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