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Baseball back on BT Sport this week

by Matt Smith

The World Baseball Classic is now down to the final four and all of the drama involved in the teams getting there makes it all the more frustrating that fans in the UK, as well as in many other non-US countries, have not been able to watch any of the action.

However, this week at last sees baseball back on BT Sport, the British TV home of MLB once again this year.

World Baseball Classic

The semi-finals and final are being broadcast on BT Sport/ESPN live, with repeat showings too.

The first semi-final is Netherlands vs Puerto Rico. This will be shown live on Monday night/Tuesday morning (1 a.m. Tues start time). The game will be repeated on this channel at 9.30 and 19.00 on Tues 21st.

The second semi-final is the U.S. vs Japan. Again, that will be shown live on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (1 a.m. Wed start time) and then repeated on Wednesday at 9.00 and 19.00.

The final then takes place on Wednesday night/Thursday morning (1 a.m. Thurs start time) and then repeated on Thursday at 13.00, as well as an evening repeat at 18.00 on Friday.

MLB Spring Training

The WBC final won’t get an evening repeat on Thursday as there will be live Spring Training baseball on instead.

The New York Yankees will face the Tampa Bay Rays at 17.00 on BT Sport/ESPN, before the LA Dodgers and Texas Rangers are in action on BT Sport 3 from 23.00 (ESPN’s Baseball Tonight show will follow that game on the same channel). Both games will be repeated during Friday on BT Sport/ESPN.


It’s probably too much to ask to expect we’ll ever get an explanation about the WBC black-out, but at least we can enjoy the final games, plus a couple of Spring Training games too.

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