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New logo, new colour scheme!

by Matt Smith

Just a quick post about the recent changes to the design and layout of this blog.

I always intended on putting together my own theme when I moved from the free WordPress site to this domain in April (the ability to customise the site in whatever way I wished was one of the reasons I moved). Finally, it is in place. Hopefully there won’t be any little glitches, but please let me know if so.

Now that the main design is up, I can move on to the second development stage. I’m working on several features to add to this site to compliment the bread-and-butter part of it: the frequent blog posts. Although my enthusiasm (and impatience) is tempting me to plough on with these quickly, the plan is to hold fire and spend time introducing them during those dark November/December months when the baseball withdrawal symptoms are in full swing.

I hope you like the new design. Thanks for your continued support.

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