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MLB This Week: The first full week of the 2018 MLB season

by Matt Smith

The first full week of the 2018 MLB season offers up a whole host of day-games that are perfect for us to watch during the British evening.

There are 27 games scheduled to start before midnight UK time this working week, including today’s ‘glorious’ Bank Holiday Monday.

Heading into the week there are four teams still searching for the first victory. The Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals and San Diego Padres know that their first W is just around the corner, but they would like to get it sooner rather than later.  The Royals and Tigers know that one of them will definitely get that monkey off their back today as they meet at Comerica Park.

There are some good teams on show in the early games on BT Sport this week, although unfortunately neither of the two 9 o’clock games on Friday are being broadcast. Tuesday’s game should see Chris Sale taking the mound at Marlins Ballpark for the Red Sox in an early interleague series for Boston (also available to watch for free on MLB.com), whilst Thursday should be an excellent game from Nationals Ballpark as Stephen Strasburg is in line to face Jacob deGrom and the Mets.

There is also a good group MLB.com Free Games in the early slots, not least on Wednesday when Dylan Bundy and Dallas Keuchel are the probable pitchers for the Orioles-Astros game.

All times are in BST.

Monday 2 April

18:05 Twins at Pirates (Lynn (0-0), Taillon (0-0))
18:05 Rays at Yankees (Pruitt (1-0), Montgomery (0-0)) *BT Sport/ESPN
18:10 Royals at Tigers (Hammel (0-0), Liriano (0-0))
19:10 Cardinals at Brewers (Mikolas (0-0), Davies (0-0))
21:10 Cubs at Reds (Chatwood (0-0), Mahle (0-0)) *MLB.com Free Game

Tuesday 3 April

18:10 Royals at Tigers (Junis (0-0), Boyd (0-0))
21:35 Mariners at Giants (Gonzales (0-0), Blach (1-0))
23:10 Red Sox at Marlins (Sale (0-0), Urena (0-1)) *MLB.com Free Game, BT Sport/ESPN
23:40 Cubs at Reds (Lester (0-0), Reed (0-0))

Wednesday 4 April

17:10 Nationals at Braves (Scherzer (1-0), TBD)
18:05 Rays at Yankees (Archer (0-0), Severino (1-0))
18:10 Royals at Tigers (Duffy (0-1), Norris (0-0))
18:10 Phillies at Mets (Pivetta (0-0), Syndergaard (1-0))
19:10 Orioles at Astros (Bundy (0-0), Keuchel (0-1)) *MLB.com Free Game
20:40 Dodgers at D-backs (Wood (0-0), Corbin (1-0)) *BT Sport1
21:07 Indians at Angels (Kluber (0-1), Skaggs (1-0))
23:05 Twins at Pirates (Odorizzi (0-0), Nova (0-0))

Thursday 5 April

18:05 Mets at Nationals (deGrom (1-0), Strasburg (1-0)) *BT Sport/ESPN
19:05 Rays at Red Sox (TBD, Price (1-0))
20:05 Marlins at Phillies (Smith (0-0), TBD)
20:35 Rangers at Athletics (Perez (0-0), Mengden (0-1))
20:40 Rockies at Padres (Anderson (0-0), Lucchesi (0-0))
21:10 Tigers at White Sox (Zimmermann (0-0), Shields (1-0)) *MLB.com Free Game
21:10 Mariners at Twins (Paxton (0-1), Gibson (1-0))
23:35 Orioles at Yankees (TBD, TBD)

Friday 6 April

21:10 Braves at Rockies (TBD, Marquez (0-0))
21:10 Royals at Indians (TBD, TBD)

All of these games are available to watch or listen to live via an MLB.TV subscription. TV coverage of MLB in the UK comes courtesy of the BT Sport channels and these are highlighted above, as are any games that are available to view online for free via MLB.com. The above list of games just shows those starting before midnight UK time. The full schedule of MLB games can be found on MLB.com

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Matt Smith April 2, 2018 - 3:25 pm

As always, all games subject to postponement! The Rays-Yankees game on Monday is off due to snow.


LeicesterNige April 2, 2018 - 6:45 pm

Bt viewers are being treated to Lance Lynn having a torrid time in Pittsburgh!

Matt Smith April 2, 2018 - 7:15 pm

Good job he’s not on my fantasy team ….


Metallian61 April 5, 2018 - 9:56 am

Hi Matt, excellent site. I’ve been a fan since the mid-70s and a mlb.tv subscriber for several years. Astonishingly, it appears that the Facebook games are going to be the only ones in the entire season unavailable to international subscribers via mlb.tv. I’m very surprised because the feed of all other nationally broadcast contests is. What is your take on this?

It’s not a problem, but a nuisance to have to watch via Facebook. As for the broadcast itself, it can be watched in full screen without most of the clutter of comments, icons, etc. However, it is the one baseball broadcast with an oversized and intrusive way of showing the score, the graphic takes up so much of the screen as to be distracting. It’s a basic error, does Facebook think we are all half-blind simpletons!

Best wishes, Chris

Matt Smith April 5, 2018 - 12:57 pm

Hi Chris- I’ll be covering it in my Sunday MLB column this week. Pros and cons to it because it does open up MLB to non-subscribers, which is a good thing, but having paid for the subscription it’s not great that those games are moved onto a different platform which people may not want to sign up to. It’s only 1 game per week, but guess could lead to more in the future


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