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MLB This Week: Inclement Weather

by Matt Smith

The usual process of looking ahead at the coming week’s MLB schedule and planning which games you might want to catch is being disrupted quite a bit so far this season due to ‘inclement weather’, as MLB loves to call it.

We’ve almost had as many postponements up to this point in 2018 as we had in all of 2017.  The extra rest days that the players wanted, and received, in the new CBA are going to be filled up over the next few months as teams look to catch up on lost games.

Here’s the list of pre-midnight BST starts this working week as things stand at time of writing. Games and starting pitcher assignments are all subject to, potentially quite a bit of, change.

Monday 16 April

16:05 Orioles at Red Sox (Cashner (1-1), Johnson (1-0)) *BT Sport/ESPN
23:35 Marlins at Yankees (Smith (0-1), Cessa (0-0))

Tuesday 17 April

23:35 Marlins at Yankees (Garcia (0-0), Tanaka (2-1))
23:40 Orioles at Tigers (Gausman (1-1), Liriano (1-1))

Wednesday 18 April

17:35 Rockies at Pirates (Freeland (0-2), Kuhl (1-1)) *MLB.com Free Game
18:10 Rangers at Rays (Hamels (1-2), Faria (0-1))
18:40 Reds at Brewers (Mahle (1-2), Davies (0-2))
19:20 Cardinals at Cubs (Weaver (2-0), Hendricks (0-1)) *BT Sport/ESPN
20:35 White Sox at Athletics (TBD, Triggs (1-0))
21:07 Royals at Blue Jays (Kennedy (1-1), Sanchez (1-1)) *Facebook Game
23:40 Orioles at Tigers (TBD, Boyd (0-1))

Thursday 19 April

18:10 Orioles at Tigers (Cobb (0-1), Zimmermann (0-0))
20:40 Astros at Mariners (TBD, Gonzales (1-1)) *BT Sport/ESPN
23:35 Blue Jays at Yankees (Estrada (1-1), Sabathia (0-0))

Friday 20 April

18:10 Royals at Tigers (Hammel (0-1), Fulmer (1-2))

All of these games are available to watch or listen to live via an MLB.TV subscription, other than the Facebook live game which is exclusive (but free) to Facebook subscribers. TV coverage of MLB in the UK comes courtesy of the BT Sport channels and these are highlighted above, as are any games that are available to view online for free via MLB.com. The above list of games just shows those starting before midnight UK time. The full schedule of MLB games can be found on MLB.com

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