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GBBSA website one year on

by Joe Gray

It will be a year ago next week that I launched the Great Britain Baseball Scorers Association website. Initially, my plans were to have a place to keep the stats that the GBBSA scorers were recording each week in the National Baseball League, and to supplement that with extra materials for scorers, such as blank scoresheets.

I also wanted somewhere to post articles on baseball. So I did this for a while, and even had contributions from other authors, including Josh Chetwynd and BaseballGB’s own Matt Smith. However, there was no scope for people to leave comments, which seemed to be wasting the whole online publishing thing. Fortunately, at about the same time that I realized this, Matt invited me to join BaseballGB as a second writer for the site. And this gave me a place to write about baseball where people could leave comments. My first “full article” will be published on Saturday, so the transition will then be complete.

Getting rid of the articles from the GBBSA site left a gap to fill, but again I had good fortune at the right time by being offered the enjoyable task of keeping the archives for the Great Britain national team (and publishing them on the Internet), building on the excellent research that Josh Chetwynd had carried out for both the Seniors and Juniors. If I was going to publish national team archives, it made sense to me to also set up a domestic statistics archive to complement the national team archives and also what Mark Tobin has built for historical domestic standings and results at British Baseball Data.

The jump from having a website for baseball scorers to having one that now holds domestic and national team archives may not seem an obvious one, which is part of the reason that I set up Project Cobb (the Project for the Chronicling of British Baseball) and added it to the website, with its launch at the time the website was re-launched (on 20 October) to accommodate the additional material.

Project Cobb is all about promoting the rediscovery and improved documenting of baseball in Britain played under modern rules. There is a lot of work still to be done to give it the profile I think it deserves. One step may be to give it its own domain name at some point. Whatever happens will depend on how much interest it generates over the coming season.

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