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Peavy’s award confirmed

by Matt Smith

To no great surprise, Jake Peavy has just been confirmed as the NL Cy Young award winner.  It was a unanimous decision, with all thirty-two voters placing the Padres’ ace in first position.   Brandon Webb was second on thirty-one of the ballots, with the Reds’ Aaron Harang getting one second-place vote (probably from one of the two voters from Cincinnati – not that this would just be a case of favouring the home player: Harang’s season was easy to overlook considering he was playing on such a poor team).

That leaves two main awards still to be decided.  The AL MVP award winner will be announced on Monday, although I think we can all pencil A. Rodriguez in for that one.  The NL MVP will be announced the following day and that promises to be a more interesting decision.  Despite helping his team to the World Series, I have a feeling that Holliday will miss out.  Prince Fielder has put forward a strong case, but my guess is that Jimmy Rollins will just get the nod.  As with any such award, one thing can be guaranteed: fans of the contenders who don’t win will not be shy in voicing their displeasure!

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