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More on the classic national final of 1969

by Joe Gray

Cobb (128x128)Back in March, I published an article titled Classic post-war finals in British baseball. In researching the article I received help from Norman Wells, a long-time Liverpool Trojan. Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a letter from the “Old Man of Baseball“, within which he expanded on the 1969 final between the Watford Sun-Rockets and his Liverpool team.

Included with the letter was a team photo of the Trojans from the game, which I have scanned in. Norman is on the far left of the back row. Three men to Wells’s right is Ken Williams, who pitched the game. Art Bolton, the winning pitcher for the Trojans in the 1976 classic final, is five from the left in the middle row.

The Liverpool Trojans at the 1969 national final

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