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‘Weekly’ hit ground ball – 2007 review

by Matt Smith

2007 was a great year for baseball. The Mitchell report has put a distinct downer on proceedings as we move into the Christmas period, but it would be a complete tragedy if this story overshadows what was a truly memorable season.

In my own humble attempt to bring the attention back to the game on the field, I’m pleased to publish my week-by-week review of the 2007 season: Weekly hit ground ball: 2007 edition (pdf).

I have to admit that there were a few weeks during the season when other commitments were bearing down on me and it was difficult to find the time to write the column. However, after the first month I was already considering the prospect of collecting all of the posts into one document and the thought of the final product always spurred me on.  Re-reading through the 31,000+ words has made me very glad that I persevered with the task.

I hope you enjoy reading it.  Merry Christmas to you all.

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