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All Hail the Daily Rewind!

by Matt Smith

Coming to the end of the first month of the 2006 season, there has already been lots of moments to enjoy. Thanks to a new addition on MLB.com, British baseball fans have been able to see them all.

There is nothing particularly clever or innovative about the “Daily Rewind” on MLB.com. However, its simplicity is what makes it so useful. Media companies are constantly looking to break new boundaries and to dazzle consumers with the latest flashy new feature. This attitude is essential when it comes to developing new and exciting products. But after the novelty factor has worn off, many of these developments often end up being ignored.

The Daily Rewind is your prototypical highlights show, and what more could you ask for as a British fan. Never mind making do with box scores and game wraps. Never mind clicking through various short clips of the top plays in each game. Log on to MLB.com and you can watch all of the main action for free, every day throughout the season. I guess in America they have access to many of these highlights through news/sports channels. However, for international fans, the Daily Rewind is the perfect way to keep up to date with all of the latest action.

What makes it even better for us Brits is that, more often than not, the show is presented by David Lengel. As many will undoubtedly know, Dave left his position as co-presenter on Five before this season to take up his new role at MLB.com. So far he's done an excellent job (as you would expect). There was one show a couple of weeks ago when he went a little strange! It was almost as if the producer had told him to be a bit more hyperactive, and the result was something like a New York Sid Waddell! Thankfully, Dave has been his normal laid back self ever since, and I can't help but smile every time he utters the phrase; “chasing the cheddar”!

MLB.com have been hyping up a new feature this season called MLB.TV Mosaic. This supposedly allows you to watch six games at once. I say supposedly because as far as I know it isn't working as of yet (although maybe I'm just being daft). No doubt this is aimed at the hardcore Fantasy market, allowing team owners to check up on every at-bat by one of their men. It just sounds like a bit of a novelty feature to me though. Fun to look at every once in a while, but not something that's really going to enhance your viewing pleasure. Technology normally comes into its own when it is aligned with a simple idea. A daily highlights show might not be breaking any new ground, but it's immediately become one of the top features on the MLB.com site for me, and no doubt for many other British baseball fans.

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