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Report on Clemens’s career

by Matt Smith

Life can be difficult, depressing and challenging at times and our defence mechanisms kick-in to help us through. Some turn to religion; some to drink and drugs. The more restrained among us hold on to hoary bits of wisdom, convincing ourselves that they might be true.

One such piece of wisdom is the assertion that positive things can come out of adversity.

And so they have.

Roger Clemens is facing great adversity due to his alleged links with performance-enhancing drugs. Consequently baseball fans get a very detailed analysis of a great pitcher’s career for free!

The report has been produced by the group that manages Clemens’s affairs, so naturally they are pursuing an agenda here (i.e. Providing evidence to refute claims that the Rocket’s performance has been spiked in recent years by the use of PEDs), but it’s an interesting insight into the sort of details that an agent may compile for arbitration hearings.

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