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JC v. the Gouldfish – Josh and Jonny reunited on the web

by Matt Smith

Ex-‘Baseball on Five’ presenters Jonny Gould and Josh Cheywnd still may not be on our TV screens, or broadcasting via a podcast as I had put forward as a suggestion previously, but they have been reunited on the web in written form.  Josh has been writing a blog for ESPN America (formerly NASN) for a while now and this season his own blogposts are being complemented by joint articles with Jonny.   

In a series called ‘JC v. the Gouldfish’, the pair tackle a different baseball-related topic every month.  The first installment at the end of April focused on the pros and cons of fantasy baseball.  Anyone who watched even one show of Five’s MLB coverage will know which side of that debate Jonny was on.  The most recent post for the end of May looked at the topic of whether promotion and relegation could/should be introduced to MLB.  For example, Josh’s common sense argument about the logisitcal problems (to say the least) of the idea are given short shrift by Jonny:

“And don’t give me the logistics JC. Details are for the pen-pushers. We’re ideas men. We see the big picture and baseball without relegation is like your haircut without a mirror”.

Nothing can replace their TV coverage, but the two blogposts published so far certainly keep alive the memories of Jonny and JC’s different characters and the chemistry between the two that helped make the TV show such fun to watch in recent years (not to forget former co-hosts such as Dave Lengel and Todd Macklin who similarly brought a great amount to the coverage during their time with the show).

So make a point of reading and commenting on the ‘JC v. the Gouldfish’ series at the end of every month and also to follow Jonny and Josh’s individual blogs about baseball as well.

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Mike June 11, 2009 - 6:50 am

It’s only right their first blog concerned Fantasy Baseball. It makes me realise even more just how much I miss the show.


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