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Tresco’s baseball match

by Matt Smith

Cricket and baseball.  Alike in some ways, completely different in others.  The similarities make them both antagonistic towards each other (specifically cricket fans denouncing baseball as a way to imply the superiority of their game) and natural partners.  Surely a person who can marvel at the technique of a perfectly executed cover drive can similarly appreciate the skill required to turn on a 95 MPH fastball and launch it over four hundred feet?  A bowler who can deceive a batsman with a cleverly disguised slower ball must recognise the joy a pitcher feels when he lures the batter out in front of a circle change.

Ultimately they aredifferent games and the cultural gap between the two is huge (although a fair amount of baseball lingo has creeped into cricket in recent years).  But why make a choice?  Why not just enjoy two great sports rather than settle for one?  That’s my advice, for what it’s worth.

Anyway, the cause of my little rant is that BaseballSoftballUK has recently released details about the baseball game that is part of ex-England (I guess we still have to define him as such?) cricketer Marcus Trescothick’s benefit year.  I had heard about this at the turn of the year but was unable to find out much information about it until now.  Somerset’s ground at Taunton will be turned into a baseball ballpark, and Tresco (who I would bet can sock a baseball a fair distance when he makes contact) will be joined by current and former England cricketers to face a Team GB baseball side.  The game will take place on the 4th of October, with more details being released nearer the time.

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