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2009 All-Star schedule

by Matt Smith

The normal Monday morning ‘early game’ round-up takes a break this week as the MLB regular season comes to a halt for the All-Star Game.  MLB gets started again on Thursday, although there are no early games scheduled for that day or on the Friday.

So we had best make the most of the All-Star festivities over the next two days. 

The Home Run Derby takes place tonight, starting at 01.00.  ESPN America are showing Home Run Derbies from previous years throughout the morning and they will replay this year’s derby tomorrow at 10.00 and 19.00.

Coverage of the 80th All-Star Game begins at 00.30 tomorrow night.  First pitch is probably at 01.05, although the build-up to an All-Star Game is one of the few occasions when the pre-match entertainment is worth watching.  US President Barack Obama will be delivering the ceremonial first pitch and the lineup announcements are always fun to watch. 

In terms of online coverage, the Home Run Derby is being broadcast for free on MLB.com.  The All-Star Game will most likely be broadcast live and on demand to MLB.TV subscribers.  I haven’t read anything definitive on the ASG yet, but they showed it last year as far as I can remember and I’m confident they will do so again (MLB.com generally won’t be advertising this service as fans in the States will be blacked out and have to watch FOX’s coverage instead).  FOX Sports.com will be streaming batting practice from 21.30 tomorrow, which can be interesting to watch for a while in terms of seeing what routines the hitters go through.

Enjoy the All-Star festivities.

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