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Nearly there …

by Matt Smith

After waiting impatiently for the best part of five months, the regular season is nearly upon us.

The A’s-Red Sox game is scheduled to start at 10.05 GMT tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  It promises to be an amazing occasion with Daisuke Matsuzaka, the prodigal son, pitching for Boston and Joe Blanton on the mound for Oakland. 

NASN subscribers can either watch the game live or tune in to a 2.5 hour-long repeat edition at 18.30.  MLB.com will provide full coverage via MLB.tv, Gameday Audio and the Gameday service.

It’s going to be something of a staggered start this season, with the two games on Tuesday and Wednesday and then three days off before the Braves and the Nationals launch another year of Sunday Night Baseball on Five.

Despite the opening series in Japan knocking things out of kilter, I will leave my predictions for the ’08 season until Saturday and Sunday.  (What is it with predictions, anyway?  We all get burned by them each year and yet we never learn our lesson.)  As a sneak preview, I’ll reveal that the Orioles will not be listed as my favourites for the AL East.   

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