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Live baseball this week

by Matt Smith

Each Monday throughout the regular season, BaseballGB provides a guide to the best games that British fans can enjoy over the week ahead.  These are the games that take place during the daytime in the States and can therefore be followed live at a convenient evening time for us Brits. 

As a reminder, start times are generally listed under three different time zones on MLB.com during the season: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Central Daylight Time (CDT) and Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).  The main time zone used on MLB.com is EDT and this is five hours behind British Summer Time (BST).  If you look up the start times on the official websites of the thirty Major League teams, they will be listed in the time zone relevant to the respective team.  So the Cardinals list their games in CDT, which is six hours behind BST, while the Dodgers list their games in PDT, which is eight hours behind BST.

To clarify:

  • if a game is listed at 1.05 EDT, it starts at 18.05 BST,
  • if a game is listed at 1.05 CDT, it starts at 19.05 BST, and
  • if a game is listed at 1.05 PDT, it starts at 21.05 BST.

Just one final point: naturally the match-ups I like to pick out involve the top starting pitcher duels.  Due to a variety of reasons, the scheduled starter can change over the course of the week.  Indeed, sometimes the starter can be scratched during the hour before first pitch.  So the details listed in these posts should always be taken as relating to scheduled starters.  If there are any major changes, I will update the post to take them into account.  As always, check MLB.com for the most up to date info.

Okay, with the background info out of the way, here is my guide to this week’s early contests. (All times listed in BST)


Five early games today.  The Phillies take on the Reds, with Cole Hamels and Bronson Arroyo set to start at 17.35.  The top pitching match-up begins at 21.35 as Greg Maddux and Matt Cain take the mound for the Padres and the Giants respectively.  Elsewhere, the Cubs face the Pirates (18.35), the Mariners finish their four-game series in Baltimore (20.05) and the Twins take on the White Sox (21.05).


Four games to choose from.  After the World Series ring ceremony, Daisuke Matsuzaka pitches the ’08 Fenway opener against Kenny Rogers and the Tigers at 19.05.  The Yankees send Phil Hughes to the mound as they take on Brian Bannister and the Royals from 21.10.  The Phillies and the Mets meet for the first time this season in the final opening day at Shea Stadium (18.10), while first pitch in the game between the Orioles and the Rangers is scheduled for 19.05.  That last game might just be of interest to Baltimore and Texas fans!


Just two early games today, but both should be worth watching.  At 20.35, the Indians face the Halos at Angels Stadium and five minutes later the Dodgers begin their game at Chase Field against the D-Backs.  Follow your League allegiance, flip a coin, or just switch between the two every few minutes!


The traditional ‘get-away day’ only serves up three early contests.  At 17.40, the Mariners take on the Rays.  The Reds’ ace Aaron Harang is scheduled to start aganst the Brewers in Milwaukee with first pitch slated for 18.05.  Finally, the Braves and the Rockies finish off their four-game series at Coors Field with a 20.05 contest that should see Tim Hudson and Jeff Francis taking the mound.


No early games today.

As always, Five are broadcasting a mid-week game on Wednesday (listed start time is 01.40), while NASN’s MLB schedule can be found here.

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