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Fantasy dreams

by Matt Smith

My Fantasy BaseballUK showing so far can only be described as pathetic.  At time of writing, I’m 1,524th out of 3,805 in the main competition and 40th out of 87 in the A’s mini-league.  That’s well and truly in the ‘nowhere’ category.  Like many people, I would sooner my team was terrible than mediocre so I’ve got half a mind to rip it apart and see how badly I can do.

However, the great thing about FBUK is that there are lots of little competitions that you can win, so your season is never without some hope.  I’ve given up on the season-long competitions and I’m now dedicating all my efforts to the weekly rankings.  For the uninitiated, the three teams that have scored the most points in a given week are named on Five’s coverage and the team with the most points wins a Ballpark Figure.  My aim is to at least make it into the top three for one of the weeks over the rest of the season. 

Will I manage it (excuse the pun)?  Only time will tell, but I’ll be posting about my desperate efforts for some fantasy baseball success right here over the next few months.  One thing’s for certain, I’m not winning anything this week.  Alfonso Soriano has just broken his hand, so I’m a batter down until Sunday evening. 

I’m planning a major overhaul for 18.00 Sunday (when the rosters are updated).  Let’s hope that they work.  Judging by my previous efforts I wouldn’t put much money on it.

Fingers crossed though!

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