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National Baseball League South: Pitching stats

by Joe Gray

This is part two of a four-part look at the statistics for the National Baseball League South going into the mid-season break. Part three will be on fielding and will appear on Saturday.

Complete sortable, filterable stats can be found here.

Whether you’re judging pitchers by ERA, WHIP, or strike-outs per nine innings, among those meeting the minimum innings pitched requirements (currently 23) London’s Troy Kantor is top of the pile with figures of 0.57, 0.74 and 16.81, respectively. His team-mate Brian Essery sits behind him in ERA (1.47) and WHIP (0.84) and the two Mets’ starters have joint-league-leading records of 7-0.

The Flames’ Ryan Bird is on the shoulder of Kantor in strike-outs per nine innings with a figure of 16.01, while fellow Richmond pitcher Brad Crinion is third in ERA (2.76) and WHIP (0.95). Crinion is the only pitcher among those qualified who has not yet conceded a home run. Like London’s two main pitchers, the Richmond pair have identical records at 4-1.

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