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Manny to the Dodgers?

by Matt Smith

Well, 21.00 passed with no comment, other than the stories stating that Manny Ramirez would be staying in Boston.  Then the news hounds were putting out a story that suggested the Dodgers had obtained Jason Bay.  Now it looks like the Dodgers got Bay and then flipped him to the Red Sox.

And all this while I’m watching a live press conference taking place in LA about the 2009 World Baseball Classic!  Joe Torre is there, looking absolutely enthralled by the speeches.  Maybe he’s thinking about what he’s going to say to his new left fielder when he walks into the clubhouse?

No doubt there will be plenty of details coming out over the next few hours about trades that have been consummated and the ones that didn’t quite come to fruition.   Over in the U.S., they have the rest of the afternoon and the evening to put the deals under the microscope straight away, so there will be plenty to catch up on in the morning for us Brits that aren’t going to stay up all night going crazy as each new piece of information comes flying out of the ether.

I’ll review all the trading deadline news, as well as the latest developments in relation to the WBC, tomorrow.

EDIT: Frank McCourt, owner of the Dodgers, signed off the main part of the World Baseball Classic press conference by confirming that they had signed a ‘classic’ baseball player. 

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