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No No No – Yes!

by Matt Smith

(As Jim from the Vicar of Dibley might say)

Only a few days after Ramon Ortiz came so close on Monday, Anibal Sanchez pitched a no-hitter against the D-Backs last night.

The Fish are on the charge at the moment and this puts another landmark on the miraculous Marlins map of 2006. Sanchez relied on some excellent defensive plays to help him through, but that’s what the fielders are there for. Getting a no-hitter must be a dream come true for any pitcher. Achieving the feat in your rookie year? It can’t get much better than that.

Sanchez will rightfully be flooded with attention over the next few weeks and his on-field performances will come under far more scrutiny than they have so far. He has raised people’s expectations in him and a no-no in your rookie season is a hard thing to live up to. Mind you, inside he will know that whatever happens from now on he will always have a line in the baseball history books. That’s a very privileged position to be in as a 22 year old rookie.
Sports fans in Florida must be pretty excited right now. The Dolphins kick-off the NFL season tonight against the Steelers hoping that Daunte Culpepper can lead the team to a homecoming Superbowl next February. After Sanchez’s opening act, the Dolphins have a chance to cap-off a special couple of days tonight. Anything seems possible in Miami at the moment! What price a Marlins-Dolphins championship double?!

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