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It’s Here

by Russell Dyas

Well it’s here. In a few hours from that first pitch at Fenway Park the months of joy, tears and frustration will start as the New York Yankees will take on the Boston Red Soxs in the first game of the 2010 MLB season.

This is what we have been building up to from the long slog since the end of the World Series in 2009 to the start of Spring Training. Once Spring Training began all we cared about was that here was some baseball starting to be played.  We looked over our team trying to work out which players would get a place in the big leagues and which would end up back in the minors. We will have sat through Keri Hilson singing the anthem and Fighter Jets flying over. However none of this matters as all this has just been the prequel to the main season.

There will be joy, tears and sometimes frustration as our chosen team makes its way with one goal in mind – the World Series in 2010.

There will be arguments as we discuss the virtues of each team and its players. We are all biased but in our mind our team, be that the Giants, Mariners, Dodgers, A’s or the Mets can get to the World Series; if only Jonathan Sanchez can get one more out.

Now it is time to turn on the baseball and grab a drink from the fridge and sit back.

It’s time to shout…

It’s time to cheer…

It’s time to mutter those famous words “Play Ball”…

It’s time as MLB 2010 has arrived!

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Bonedwarf April 5, 2010 - 6:23 am

So, how well did MLB.TV work for people? As I had stuttering like you wouldn’t believe in OSX with NexDef installed, and when I switched to Windows, it flat out refused to use NexDef.

Matt Smith April 5, 2010 - 11:26 am

The NexDef/HD service and my broadband set up don’t like each other so I didn’t even try using it!

I watched the game via the standard MLB.TV. There were some teething problems to start with as the media player had a fit when I tried to change some of the settings (full screen to mini screen) and I ended up having to kill it in Task Manager and start again. However, once I did that I was able to watch the whole game withouth any problems, not even any buffering, albeit while settling for a basic picture quality.

Russell Dyas April 5, 2010 - 9:36 pm

Well he follow me on twitter you will know that I had worst timing of man flu by 9:30 just could not carry on and went to bed.

Watched the reply on the internet over today through and was a good game..



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