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Talking fantasy baseball

by Mark George
Hello Baseball GB readers!
This is my first blog for this site, so before I go any further, I thought I should stand up and tell you a little bit about myself.
I first got into baseball during a family holiday to visit family in California. One afternoon I caught a few innings of a baseball game on TV – the Braves in San Diego – and was instantly hooked.
My grandparents’ local team was the Dodgers, so they took me to Dodgers Stadium and I became a die-hard Dodger fan from then on.
I love National League-style baseball, with plenty of hit and run plays, stolen bases and bunts.
I’d much rather watch a 2-1 game than a 10-9 game.
I love managerial tactics such as double switches.
And I love rooting for overachieving players.
Aside from following the Dodgers, I have played for the Croydon Pirates III for the past five years and am a fantasy baseball enthusiast.
I’m hoping to use my blogs to cover a number of fantasy baseball topics in a bid to share thoughts and ideas with other experienced fantasy players and to also encourage new baseball fans – or those veteran fans who have never played before – to give it a try.
Fantasy baseball can seem a little overwhelming to a newcomer, suddenly being faced with a whole load of statistical terms they may not have heard before, but I’m a firm believer if you throw yourself into it, it can be really good fun.
And it doesn’t matter if you’re new to fantasy baseball or a veteran fan – there is a format of fantasy baseball out there right for you, and hopefully I can point you in the right direction before the start of next season.
If you want to talk fantasy baseball, get in touch by emailing me at baseballfeedback@yahoo.co.uk
It would be good to get a mini fantasy mailbag going where we can discuss players we rate (and those we don’t!), fantasy tactics, potential fantasy trades or even advice on what type of league is best for you.
And if there is enough interest from readers out there, maybe we could organise our own Baseball GB fantasy league where you could pit your wits against myself and the rest of the Baseball GB bloggers!

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Matt Smith October 5, 2008 - 6:52 pm

I should point out that both Joe and myself are fantasy novices, so readers would probably be in with a good chance of a high finish in a BaseballGB league. Sounds like fun though.

I’m delighted that Mark’s joined us here at BaseballGB and I’m looking forward to learning a lot more about fantasy baseball.

It looks like I’m going to need all the help I can get!

Joe Gray October 5, 2008 - 7:52 pm

Yes – it’s great to have you writing for BaseballGB.

And Matt: given my total lack of experience, I’m actually quite flattered by the term “novice”!

Matt Smith October 5, 2008 - 8:28 pm

Getting your excuses in early Joe. Good plan!


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