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Mother In Laws, DVDs and False Teeth: The Dangers Of Baseball

by Russell Dyas

After Kendry Morales injured himself this week celebrating after a game-ending grand slam this week’s column had to be my top 10 baseball player injuries.

10. The Atlanta Braves outfielder Terry Harper injured himself by getting a separated shoulder when he high-fived a teammate.

9. Kevin Mitchell always seemed to be injured throughout his career but the most famous is the donut gate incident in which he missed several games.  He broke his tooth when he bit into a frozen chocolate donut that he had put in the microwave for too long and had turned hard.  He needed to have root canal treatment on the tooth, which was later replaced by a gold tooth.

8. If you ever need a reason not to visit the mother-in-law and you are a major league baseball player then David Cone has come up with an idea.  He missed a start after being injured by his mother in law’s Jack Russell Terrier.  You do have to wonder if he had his hand in the Terrier’s mouth so that he could say that the coach ordered him to keep away from his mother in law’s dog.

7. Marty Cordova decided he needed to look good while out on the field and the only thing a baseball player can do is take a trip to the tanning salon.  However, after spending a bit too long under the lights he ended up burning his face. He was told under doctors’ orders to stay out of direct sunlight for a few days.

6. Adam Eaton decided that instead of spending a relaxing evening watching a DVD he would instead take a trip to the A & E.  The accident that caused the injury was Eaton stabbing himself with a knife trying to open the DVD.

5. The shortstop Jason Bartlet tore a nail off one of his fingers while sliding his hand under the television in his room while staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Detroit. Apart from anything else we have to ask why he was sliding his hand under the TV in the first place?

4. I am not sure if it is the curse of the shortstops or the curse of the Ritz Hotel but Juan Castro hurt his neck on the pillows at the same hotel that Jason Barlet hurt himself.

3. If you  where thinking that these baseball players have it too easy and thought that Castro was soft for hurting himself on some pillows. Then Larry Anderson proves it beyond a doubt when he strained a muscle while getting out of a Jacuzzi.

2. Ken Griffey Jr makes it up for baseball players around the world when he missed a game after his cup fell and trapped a testicle. I am sure many male readers are asking why he was not out for the whole season with an injury like that.

1. Red Sox Rookie Clarence Blethen came up with a bright idea of taking his teeth out and putting them in his back pocket when he was pitching because he claimed it made him look meaner. The problem was he forgot to put them back in while he was batting. He promptly slide into second base and bit his own butt.

What this teaches us is that being a baseball player is a risky business, off the field as well as on.

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