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Web pick of the week: Behind the scenes at Wrigley Field

by Matt Smith

Web-PickThis week’s web pick provides a behind-the-scenes look at one of Major League Baseball’s most cherished Green Cathedrals: Wrigley Field.

The footage is courtesy of Alyson Footer, previously the beat writer for the Houston Astros on MLB.com and now the Senior Director of Social Media for the Houston Astros.  Alyson will be well known to Astros fans as she does an enormous amount, from blogs to tweets to videos, to bridge what often seems to be an ever-widening chasm between the media-trained, PR conscious players and the ordinary fan.

An occasional part of her video ‘Footnotes’ series is a tour of the visitor clubhouses in various ballparks and the recent one on Wrigley Field gives you a good insight into the somewhat aged facilities at this classic venue.  My favourite part of the video is the long, distinctly unglamorous walk from the clubhouse to the visitors’ dugout, replete with hand-written signs urging the intrepid explorers to ‘Keep Going’!

Those wanting a good comparison between Wrigley and a more modern ballpark should also check out Alyson’s footage from the Milwaukee Brewers’ Miller Park, a set-up that former Astro (and it still seems very strange to write that) Lance Berkman describes as “probably the best clubhouse in the National League”.

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