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Out of Left Field: And now, the end is near…

by Steve Keene

MlbHlSqAs we reach the final moments of the regular season, players, managers and fans are painfully aware that, second by second, opportunities are falling through their fingers. Some are resigned to their 2010 season ending without incident. Some are hopeful of a successful post-season. Some will just settle for some winter ball. Whatever the situation, in these last few moments they are all striving to receive a mention in Baseball GB’s Out of Left Field column.

Hopefully many will continue to do odd things in order to keep this column in inches through the winter. Your loyal correspondent is well aware that his despatches have been sporadic at best. The weird and wonderful occurs in baseball each and every day. This column has but scratched the surface, acknowledged the tip of the iceberg, and all those other clichés.

“But what of this final push into the post-season?” I hear you cry. Well, it goes a little something like this. And as I’m sure you would all, at this time of year, prefer to spend more time watching baseball than reading about it, how about having the week’s news in handy, bite-size list form? Eh? How about it?

  1. Jimmy Rollins is a secret music mogul, owning partial publishing rights to songs by Snoop Dogg and Justin Beiber. Now that is a combination I wouldn’t like to hear.
  2. Got a spare $100,000? Why not buy the love letters of a young George Steinbrenner?
  3. A walkoff strikeout? That’s a new one. Oh, you poor Mariners. Oh you lucky Rangers.
  4. Meanwhile, the Yankees scored six runs in a game without any of them scoring on a hit. I guess when you’re a play-off team, things go your way. Or there’s more than one way to skin a etc etc…
  5. Out of Left Field favourite Ozzie Guillen is staying with the White Sox! Hurrah! Although I had secretly wanted him to join the Mets’ circus…I mean we’re not going to do any better next year, so why not have some fun?
  6. A funky new baseball graphic for you statheads. I like the retro font. That is all.
  7. And have you checked out The Platoon Advantage site yet? You should. It is full of good, good stuff, and plenty of great links.
  8. Fathers! Be a great, manly, dad, and an example to us all. Catch a foul ball in one hand, whilst holding your baby in the other!
  9. Other fathers! Rise to the challenge and do the very same thing!
  10. Please, please don’t drop your kid attempting this though. Please. Luckily I have no link of this happening yet. Stay strong men!

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