Limited-edition bookmark to be released as a way to mark Project Cobb’s first book



Disclaimer one: By “limited edition” I mean that my wallet didn’t stretch to getting as many printed as I’d have liked, rather than there having been a deliberate attempt to restrict the number of these in circulation to make them desirable.

Disclaimer two: The pun in the title is not something I am proud of.

Disclaimer three: This is really pushing what can be classified as a news item. So I’ve added a competition element to make the story slightly more worthy of a place on BaseballGB (good job I backtracked on my original idea for a week-long headline post, otherwise Matt might have been changing the locks on the website).

The occasion alluded to in the title is the imminent publication of What about the Villa?, the first book to result from Project Cobb. It should be out next month, and each copy will be accompanied with a special (there I go again with the marketing talk!) Project Cobb bookmark, but only while stocks last (okay, this is beyond a joke).

The bookmark’s back and front are shown above and to the left, respectively. If you are the first person to leave a comment that correctly names the baseball field featured (clue: it’s somewhere in Britain) and the date (clue: it wasn’t too long ago), the first bookmark to be released into circulation will be one sent to you (three guesses per person max). Obviously, it would help if you like reading and tend to need at least two sittings to get through a book, otherwise there’s not much you can do with a bookmark. Also, I don’t want to see it on ebay in 3 days with a 25p “buy it now” price tag.


6 thoughts on “Limited-edition bookmark to be released as a way to mark Project Cobb’s first book

  1. Joe Gray Post author

    Matt C,

    Excellent job indeed. It’s on the 4th to be precise, but I think your range was sufficiently narrow to justify the prize. I’ll contact you by email to get an address to post it to.

    Alas, no tassles. I refer you to Disclaimer 1 about my wallet.


  2. Joe Gray Post author

    Some more details on the name of the field…

    The ground, which contains two diamonds, is generally referred to as “Grovehill Park” or “Grovehill Ballpark” but at the finals the one closer to the changing rooms was labelled “the Grove” and the other one was “the Hill” (I seem to remember). Matt correctly identified the field as the one closer to the changing rooms.

  3. Pedro Figueras

    Your book is an excellent spirited initiative,Joe,which I look forward to read as soon as it has been released. I have always considered you one of us and as I look back to the 2010 British Baseball Season I cannot help but marvel at the spirited performances the Croydon Pirates gave at Roundshaw and the good work yourself,David Ward and his coaching staff produced to help the team find the route to winning ways. There is no doubt in my mind that self-belief was the key to the Croydon Pirates’ revival and I am most pleased to have been part of that experience. I wish you and all your readers a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.


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