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Steinbrenner speaks

by Matt Smith

You didn’t expect him to stay quiet for long, did you? George Steinbrenner has released one of his legendary statements in support of the Yankees’ management which will no doubt bring all speculation about Joe Torre’s job security to an end. Or maybe not. A Chairman’s vote of confidence is always reckoned to be a sure sign that a football manager is about to get the elbow. Steinbrenner lives by his own rules and is much more prone to making his feelings known publicly than most football chairmen would do, but there’s certainly a sense of something brewing in the Bronx.

I listened to some of yesterday’s Red Sox-Yankees game on Gameday Audio (the WCBS feed) and the Yankees broadcasters were at a loss as to why so much fuss was being made about their early-season form. No Championship is decided in April they argued and I’m sure many would see that as reasonable. Still, why let reason get in the way? “Let’s go out and win and bring a world championship back to New York” says Steinbrenner. Excuse me for stating the obvious, but that’s what they’re trying to do. And does a 9-14 start scupper their chances? Not at all. So why ramp up the pressure even more?

The Yanks have been badly hit by injuries, particularly to their starting rotation, and from the outside there doesn’t appear to have been much that Joe Torre could have done about things. Every team goes through bad patches and with the likes of Wang and Mussina returning, in alll probability you will see the Yankees go on a surge fairly soon. There’s got to be a drama in New York though.

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