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You Are the Scorer: Number 13

by Joe Gray


Scenario: The first two batters of an inning strike out. The third hits a home run. The fourth draws a walk. The fifth hits a pop-up to the first baseman for an easy catch in foul territory but the ball is dropped, causing the first baseman to be charged with an error. The next pitch is drilled over the fence in centre field for the second home run of the inning. The sixth batter flies out to the left fielder.

As the official scorer, how many of the 3 runs do you charge as earned runs against the pitcher?

A – 0.
B – 1.
C – 2.
D – 3.

Highlight the text below to reveal the answer:

 B – 1.

Rule 10.16 states:
… In determining earned runs, the official scorer shall reconstruct the inning without the errors …

Without the error, the inning would have ended with the first baseman taking a catch in foul territory for the third out, at which point only 1 of the runs had been scored.

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