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MLB 2017 Opening Week

by Matt Smith

The three games on Opening Sunday gave us two exciting walk-off victories, a couple of home runs by pitcher Madison Bumgarner and some excellent pitching from Chris Archer and Carlos Martinez.

Opening Week is sure to provide plenty more entertainment and the great thing is that there are lots of opportunities for us to catch the action at a convenient time in the UK.

Every Monday I set out the games for the working week ahead that get going before midnight BST. The idea is that the day-games in the States, and therefore evening games for us in the UK, are particularly important to us because we can catch them live at a convenient time.

Being up in the early hours undoubtedly is part of the British baseball fan experience – the ‘Hardcore’ tribe as Jonny and Josh liked to say on Baseball on 5 – but following games like that every day isn’t feasible for most of us and is a difficult way to attract newcomers to the sport.

So, here are the early games for this working week. Start times are listed in BST, with a note where the game is being shown on British TV (i.e. one of the BT Sport channels) and also if the game has been chosen as that day’s MLB.com Free Game.

The Free Game is exactly as named: anyone can watch it live online using MLB.TV without having a subscription. All games are available to view on MLB.TV if you have a subscription.

Monday 3 April

18:05    Marlins at Nationals (Volquez, Strasburg ) *MLB.com Free Game
18:10    Braves at Mets (Teheran, Syndergaard ) *BT Sport/ESPN
19:05    Pirates at Red Sox (Cole, Porcello )
19:10    Rockies at Brewers (Gray, Guerra )
20:05   Blue Jays at Orioles (Estrada, Gausman )
21:10    Tigers at White Sox (Verlander, Quintana )
21:10    Royals at Twins (Duffy, Santana )
21:10    Phillies at Reds (Hellickson, Feldman )
21:10    Padres at Dodgers (Chacin, Kershaw ) *BT Sport/ESPN

Tuesday 4 April

No early games

Wednesday 5 April

18:10    Royals at Twins (Kennedy, Santiago )
18:45    Cubs at Cardinals (Lackey, TBD)
19:10    Tigers at White Sox (TBD, Shields ) *MLB.com Free Game

Thursday 6 April

17:35    Phillies at Reds (Buchholz , Davis )
18:10    Royals at Twins (Hammel , Gibson )
18:35    Pirates at Red Sox (Kuhl , Rodriguez ) *BT Sport/ESPN
18:40    Rockies at Brewers (TBD, Anderson )
19:10    Tigers at White Sox (TBD, Holland )
20:10    Padres at Dodgers (Weaver , TBD)
20:35    Angels at Athletics (TBD, Triggs )
21:05    Marlins at Nationals (Koehler , TBD)

Friday 7 April

18:05    Braves at Pirates (Dickey , Nova )
18:10    Red Sox at Tigers (Wright , TBD)
20:05    Nationals at Phillies (TBD, Velasquez )
21:10    Dodgers at Rockies (TBD, TBD)
23:40   Giants at Padres (TBD, TBD) *BT Sport/ESPN


All of these games are available to watch or listen to live via an MLB.TV subscription. TV coverage of MLB in the UK comes courtesy of the BT Sport channels and these are highlighted above, as are any games that are available to view online for free via MLB.com. The above list of games just shows those starting before midnight UK time. The full schedule of MLB games can be found on MLB.com

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