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You Are the Scorer: Number 28

by Joe Gray


Scenario: In the ninth inning of a tied ballgame, the visitors have a runner on first with no outs. The batter lays down a bunt that is picked up cleanly by the pitcher. The pitcher struggles to decide whether to go for the risky out at second or the easy out at first, and in the end throws the ball wide of the first baseman. This enables the batter-runner to reach first base. The lead runner is comfortably safe at second.

Should the batter be charged with an at-bat?

A – Yes.
B – No.

Highlight the text below to reveal the answer:

 B – No.

Rule 10.08(a) states:
Score a sacrifice bunt when, before two are out, the batter advances one or more runners with a bunt and is put out at first base, or would have been put out except for a fielding error.

So the batter’s advance to first goes down as a sacrifice hit with a reach on error, and a sacrifice hit does not constitute an at-bat.

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